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The next big thing

Posted by daniel on March 23, 2004 at 4:11 AM PST

Bill Coleman addresses the SDForum on the next big thing.

Last Thursday's SDForum's Distinguished Speaker Series featured Cassat corp's CEO Bill Coleman. In The Next Big Thing you can see a summary of the address. Coleman advises that you need to concentrate not just on technology but on "the innovation to apply technology to increase productivity and bring value." How much value? Enough that the change is "urgent and not just important." What do you think of Coleman's predictions?

Also in Java Today
, Jason Hunter writes about "a cross-platform, vendor-neutral automated testing environment for XQuery development." In BumbleBee, the XQuery Test Harness, Jason describes the JUnit of the XQuery world that allows you to "Write your query, define the expected result, and let the tool do the rest. With BumbleBee you can automate regression testing, quantify vendor compatibility, and solidify your understanding of XQuery by running the same query across numerous vendors with the push of a button."

Nowhere is performance more important than in gaming. Jack Shirazi and Kirk Pepperdine continue their developerWorks "Eye on performance" series with a look at Marcos Fonseca's work in MegaJogos scales up with NIO . Fonseca migrated to NIO to address a scaling problem and ended up with a "mystery, even under heavy load, response times looked good. The fact that the CPU was running hot, though unsettling, did not appear to have any effect on the gaming experience."

In today's Weblogs , Ron Hitchens blogs What I learned at SD Expo West 2004 . Congratulations to him on the impending birth of his second child. His blog is a nice rundown of a productive week of sessions with Jason Hunter, Bob Martin, Allen Holub, Steve McConnell, and Bob Cringely. And for the record - Ron and I did have lunch together. It was one of the sessions I enjoyed the most.

If you're taking a look at Java binding, you may want to start with Satya Komatineni's blog Show me the code: A taste of JAXB. Satya looks back at code from a JavaLive chat that Ed Ort conducted with Bhakti Mehta a year ago.

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In today's Projects and Communities ,
have you developed a cool video game using Java technology? The Java Games community invites you to "enter it in the 2004 Java Technology Game
Development Contest and compete for $50,000 in prizes!"

The Jini community features the Athena project, "a service that allows your databases and other non-RDBMS datasources to participate in Jini distributed transactions."

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