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Posted by daniel on March 11, 2004 at 8:18 AM PST

The project SiteMesh makes it easier to style your web application.

At last November's ApacheCon, Will Iverson gave a talk on using Tomcat to build Desktop Applications. That's right. While many are arguing here on for building fat clients for web applications to move away from the browser, Will was giving a talk on how to move towards the browser for desktop applications. One piece was using SiteMesh to style the documents that the browser was presenting

Today Will's Introduction to SiteMesh appears in the Featured Articles. He shows you how to easily decorate a page and add styling that pulls content (including meta tags )from the original page and presents it out easily. Will reports, "I've found that it lets me centralize a tremendous amount of code, moving it out of my presentation layer and into my decorators, without having to learn a new programming language or templating system."

Also in Java Today
, JavaBeans follow a getX() and setX() naming convention for property accessors but, as John Zukowski shows in his tip Reflecting JavaBeans Components , you can use reflection to dynamically access properties of a class. This tip shows you how to get the PropertyDescriptor for a property by getting the JavaBean's class, getting the corresponding BeanInfo and looking through an array of PropertyDescriptor objects for the one you want. You next get and invoke the reader method for that property.

You can Read And Write Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets Using Jakarta POI . As Santosh Shanbhag writes, the POI API "is so simple and easy to use that there is hardly any detailed explanation required." The POI Excel API is HSSF. His quick introduction shows you how to create an HSSFWorkbook and then to create workbook sheets in the form of HSSFSheet objects in it. Next you can create rows, freeze panes, and splitpanes and start moving your objects around. Within a row you will want to create cells and then populate the cells with data, create an Excel like formula for a cell, or format a cell to a given style. Shanbhag completes the tutorial with a nice example of creating an Excel Spreadsheet from a JTable.

In today's Weblogs , Duane Gran asks Do we need to lobby for Java these days? He points to Rick Ross' recent post but wonders if it's true that "we need a lobby for developers to be a decision making partner with Sun with regard to the Java Platform." Duane just isn't sure we could find consensus on open sourcing Java.

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In today's Projects and Communities , the JavaPedia page on Refactoring points to tools, books, articles and examples for making code "more readable, more modular, more reliable, etc." without changing it's behavior.

The Patterns community notes that Martin Fowler describes the Decorated Command which is " really just the decorator pattern applied to commands" also called interceptors and as a form of AOP.

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