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Changes at Sun

Posted by daniel on April 2, 2004 at 7:22 AM PST

Sun has settled with Microsoft, plans to cut 3300 jobs, and Jonathan Schwartz has been named the new president and COO.

This could be a huge moment for Sun. It isn't quite the same as when Steve Jobs returned to Apple, but Sun can not let this time to refocus and redefine themselves pass. The first step has been settling their lawsuit with Microsoft. You could argue that clearly Sun was in the right and should have won this lawsuit. But you could also have looked at Windows and Mac OS and wonder how it wasn't completely obvious that the Windows OS was derivative of the work that Apple had done. Sun and Apple each had to reexamine their lawsuits and determine what would be an acceptable outcome. According to the story, " Microsoft will pay a total of $1.6 billion, including $700 million to resolve pending antitrust issues, and $900 million to resolve patent issues between it and longtime rival Sun."

But that's not all, "Microsoft is to make an upfront royalty payment of $350 million for use of Sun technology and Sun is to make payments when Microsoft technology is incorporated into its server products". This is an alliance that will be good for Sun and will buy it time. The five years specified in the Apple - Microsoft deal went by pretty quickly. This Sun - Microsoft alliance will be an interesting one to watch.

Jonathan Schwartz as COO and president is also an interesting and important announcement. Whether you like Steve Jobs or not, his hand is on the tiller. Sun has needed someone driving the bus. Will Schwartz make mistakes? Sure. Jobs has. But, and feel free to weigh in in the talkback section, it has been important that there be a vision and someone who can articulate it. Sun needs that in many areas of their business. This could be a very fun JavaOne

This is posted early enough in the day that there will certainly be more information and updates posted - feel free to provide helpful links in the talkback as well.

In today's Weblogs ,James Gosling points to an additional feature for his JNN in It talks! Paul Lamere has tied FreeTTS into JNN so that when new news is noticed, it speaks the headline.

Maybe how we connect to services on the web will change soon. Brian O'Neill writes in Web Services & SLEE -- Whats the best fit? that "Web Services are catching on fast and furious, but how do these things fit into a SLEE architecture? Is a HTTP resource adapter the answer?"

Jack Shirazi shares
Experiences On Running A Website For Profit, Part 1: The Beginning:
. His account is funny and helpful. You may know Jack from his writings on performance, take a look at the "mistakes and successes I've made, to get their own site successful and profitable."

Also in Java Today
, in Best practices in exception handling , John Zukowski revisits some of the rules of thumb for handling exceptions. In addition to code hints, John reminds you that all checked exceptions and common runtime exceptions should be documented with @throws. This is a summary of advice you've seen elsewhere including " It's good practice to do something in response, even simply logging the problem. For classes you design, only declare methods to throw exceptions where you want the caller to deal with a problem. If you want to ignore an exception, perhaps because of an automatic retry that happens every minute or two, simply place a comment in the catch block to explicitly say why the exceptional condition is ignored."

You seldom get to build a system fresh from the ground up. There is often legacy code that needs to be integrated. In J2EE Connector Architecture, Anthony Lai, Jyotsna Laxminarayanan, and Lars Ewe provide an example of "how to use the current version of J2EE CA, version 1.0, to access a common transaction-processing platform from a Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) platform application." They also take a look at what's coming in the next release of the Connector Architecture.

In today's Projects and Communities , the
The JDOS project in the Java Distributed Data Acquisition and Control community is putting "a Linux distribution which is designed to support an Embedded Java system designed around J2SE 1.5 " on a board about the size of your hand.

The monthly report for March has been posted. These will be posted monthly in the java-net Monthly reports folder in Documents and files. This month's report includes increases in membership, new governance, community meetings, and our Jolt award.

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