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Run anywhere?

Posted by daniel on April 9, 2004 at 5:56 AM PDT

If the value proposition of Java is that you can "write once run anywhere", why doesn't the early access version of Java Studio Creator run on my Mac?

Yesterday we linked to an interview with Sun CTO Greg Papadopoulos in which he said that the Java platform allows us to move away from the time when "Applications have to be qualified and certified for a particular operating system combined with a processor." I thought back to that statement as I looked at the download page for yesterday's release of Java Studio Creator. Supported versions include Windows 2000 or Windows XP on an Intel Pentium 4, Solaris 9 OS update 6 on an UltraSPARC III, and the Java Desktop System or Red Hat on an Intel Pentium 4. I keep a Linux box and a Windows box mainly for moments like these, but I prefer to do my Java development on my Mac. Sigh. The online forum says that support is coming, in the meantime I will download the Windows or Linux version because I want to play with the new toy.

Oh - one more thing - am I the only one having trouble logging in to download? After getting error messages about my user name not being found, I clicked through to Sun's help page and had them send me my user name. It looked identical to the one I'd been entering but I couldn't be sure so I cut and pasted it into the box and entered my password. That didn't work so I had them reset my password and entered the one they sent me into that box. So now I have the user name they sent me cut and pasted into the box and the password they sent me cut and pasted into that text field - and it still comes back as invalid. Maybe there is some invisible character being pasted from the browser. I retype the information and invalid. I was successful when I entered the other login I chose last time this happened. That's when I found that my platform was not supported.

I know there are things at that drive you crazy. As you report them, we really are working to improve your experience. Episodes like the one above help keep us focused on improving your experience. We know we still have a ways to go.

At least that's the view expressed in
Also in Java Today
, in the first of Srini Penchikala's two part series on "Clustering and Load Balancing in Tomcat 5", you get "an overview of installation, configuration, usage, and extension of clustering and load balancing features." The description of clustering options is a nice place to start, even if you aren't thinking of implementing this right now. And be sure to click on the second page for a checklist of the "factors to consider in implementing a J2EE cluster." Similarly, he provides a list of techniques used for load balancing and fault tolerance, and then moves on to how Tomcat addresses them.

Jayson Falkner's article Another Java Servlet Filter Most Web Applications Should Have has been translated into Chinese with permission from the original publishers. Many thanks to Michael Tsai for his work of bringing technical content to a new audience.

In today's Weblogs , Srikanth Shenoy writes that entity EJBs send shivers down his spine. In Musings on Entity EJB inheritance Shenoy relates a story of how he "had to evaluate Entity EJBs (2.0) for a client of mine. I have had used propretiory Entity EJB extensions to implement persistence in enterpise applications, but the standard and portable Entity EJB of today is still dispappointing and no way a serious candidate."

In today's Projects and Communities , the JavaDesktop community has added Java Date Picker, "a suite of Microsoft-like Swing components capable of powerful date selection operations", to it's Component Suites listings.

There is a Java Studio Creator forum for discussions of issues with the early access release that was posted yesterday. Download the IDE and join the conversation. One of the first posts asks about Mac OS X support.

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