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Server Side graphics

Posted by daniel on April 22, 2004 at 8:16 AM PDT

Start with a few techniques for generating images on the server-side and pushing them out to the client.

Joshua Marinacci has written a feature article for on Generating Images with JSPs and Servlets. He begins with a simple pie chart example. A JSP is used to parse the incoming request and pull out the information for the size of the slice and its background color. The pie chart is drawn into a buffered image and then written to a file, in this case as a PNG. Joshua also shows examples of displaying text using FontRenderContext and for generating thumbnail sketches of images.

In today's Weblogs , Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart says that it's important that communities are Getting to know each other. In a virtual community there is no chance to bump into each other in the halls. Eduardo encourages you to post your people page in the People Wiki and otherwise introduce yourself.

Ron Hitchens links to Robert Cringely's article which is subtitled "The Only Way to Beat Microsoft is by Ignoring Microsoft." In Cringely on Microsoft Ron summarizes that
" Cringely suggests that the only way to beat Microsoft is to ignore them. If you allow Microsoft to define the rules of the game, they'll always win. Cringely contends that Sun is falling into the same trap with the recently announced Sun-Microsoft settlement."

Also in Java Today
, obviously you can not initialize variables in the constructor of an anonymous class. An anonymous class can't have a constructor - what would you call it? In Static and instance initializer blocks you will see how to initialize static variables with static initializer blocks and instance variables in anonymous inner classes with instance initializer blocks.

JavaWorld has published another intro to HttpUnit called Test Web applications with HttpUnit. Balazs Fejes writes "using HttpUnit will not replace manual testing, it is nevertheless a great way to create automated tests programmatically, with much more freedom than the typical visual test scripting environments. While tools recording browser activity tend to record every insignificant detail, with big and hard-to-modify recorded scripts, using HttpUnit will allow a developer to create readable, concise, and cleanly structured code, which can focus on validating the important details."

In today's Projects and Communities , the JavaDesktop community's tip of the week is a link to Questions and Exercises from the Swing Tutorial.

The JXTA community wiki has a page on the autoconfigurator saying that "Autoconfigures big goal would be to remove user's from ever having to deal with the Jxta Configurator again."

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