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Unicode support in J2SE 1.5

Posted by daniel on April 16, 2004 at 7:51 AM PDT

While generics and the language enhancements in JSR 201 get all the press, there are other changes coming in J2SE 1.5 such as enhanced Unicode support.

There's a new poll posted today on asking how much you comment your code. Leading off today's Weblogs ,
John O'Conner writes about the coming Unicode 4.0 support in J2SE 1.5. John summarizes "the following changes for Unicode 4.0 in Java 1.5:

  • char is a UTF-16 code unit, not a code point
  • new low-level APIs use an int to represent a Unicode code point
  • high level APIs have been updated to understand surrogate pairs
  • a preference towards char sequence APIs instead of char based methods"

James Gosling follows up on an earlier post with More on Sun and Microsoft. He answer some concerns about the agreement saying "It is important to understand that in no way does this lock Sun or Sun customers into interoperating with any Microsoft system on Microsoft's strict terms. Right now, most of our interoperability is achieved through reverse-engineering. We have the option, entirely at our discretion, to access Microsoft's specifications through the collaboration agreement."

Erik Meade writes that "Xp is a lightning rod. Everything wrong is because of Xp and once the dust has settled, everything right is because of Xp." His link packed entry, 10% XP + 32% Sabre = 42% productivity increase. Before you get hung up on the practices of XP, follow Erik's links to the four values. He comments that "People using the values do things better, smarter, simpler." Not the practices, the values.

Also in Java Today
, OnJava has published part two of the Java Sound excerpts from David Flanagan's "Java Examples in a Nutshell, Third Edition". In this excerpt you will produce MIDI sound using a Transmitter, Sequencer, and Synthesizer. You will also synthesize music by directly controlling one or more MidiChannel objects of a Synthesizer object to turn notes on and off in real time.

If you have a fresh set of digital images that you would like to alter programatically, head to the latest Core Java Tech Tip Filtering and Transforming Digital Images. You will learn to rotate images and scale them. You can also convert color images to grey scale or adjust the color linearly or according to another filtering scheme.

In today's Projects and Communities ,
the Java Communications community announces that Open Cloud is the first to release JAIN SLEE compliant product.

The JXTA community's James Todd blogs that The entire JXTA stack build process just got a whole lot easier and "this process can be readily leveraged by any JXTA application to great advantage."

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