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Posted by daniel on May 28, 2004 at 8:04 AM PDT

The latest Tiger beta, JWSDP 1.4, AppFuse 1.5 Beta, OSWorkflow ...

To start with, in today's Projects and Communities , Michael Nascimento Santos reports that Sun has released for download a new beta of JDK 1.5. Supported platforms are Windows, Linux, and Solaris. As a Mac user I'm not so happy - but I can always fire up a Windows or Linux box and take the latest features for a spin.

Matt Raible has " found time to fix a few minor bugs in AppFuse 1.5 Beta and update all the tutorials. Now there's 3 new HowTos for developing a Master/Detail page using Spring's MVC Framework." I met Matt last week in Denver for the No Fluff, Just Stuff symposium. Appfuse is a great idea. Richard Hightower, also in Denver last weekend, seems to be carrying the banner for the "get you up and going building a web app" power of Appfuse.

The news of releases continues in Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart's entry What is in JWSDP 1.4. In today's
Weblogs Eduardo points out that "the implementations of JAXB and JAX-RPC come straight from the jaxb and jax-rpc projects at Java.Net (the home for the developer community for the JWSDP is at Java.Net)". He also confirms the PR advance story of what will be contained in the upcoming release.

Daniel Brookshier blogs about a release of a different sort in Education And Research Becomes JELC. The Education and Research community are welcoming new resources and relaunching as the Java Education and Learning Community.

Ken Arnold continues to work on a look and feel that reflects the state of a desktop application that is still in progress. In Napkin as Reality, Arnold advises " Once you get part of the thing done (and by "done" I mean "done all the way through the implementation, not just the GUi part), you can set the L&F of that part to the normal one you will use, but the rest will still look conditional which it is. It should tickle that lizard part of the manager's brain the right way, or a righter way anyhow."

Also in Java Today
, Robert Simmons continues his look at Nested Classes and focuses on Limited-Scope Inner classes (those for which "Their declaration and usage all happen within that block. ") and Anonymous inner classes that are commonly used to add event listeners to GUI code. Simmons is not a fan of Anonymous inner classes and provides "a textbook demonstration of anonymous classes. However, anyone that writes code like this should probably be beaten to death with a code-readability guide. It's just far too difficult to comprehend at a glance."

N. Alex Rupp has been reporting back from the TechEd conference. In his Day 3 report he begins "Open standards allow multiple vendors to offer their own implementation of valuable technologies. The Sun and JCP open standards are particularly good at helping small vendors participate in the technology market. Competition makes software cheaper, forcing the vendors to improve the quality of their products and services. Open standards also lower the risk for the end users by at least providing for some common ground between technological platforms." In his Day 4 post he discusses Domain Specific Languages.

This month's bookclub discussion is launched today. Join Tapestry creator Howard M. Lewish Ship in a discussion of his book "Tapestry in Action" in today's

Should Java documentation "target a little more than just what the methods/classes does, it should give some hints of how to use it as well"? Mgrev urges Better documentation for key functionality.

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