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Happy Anniversary

Posted by daniel on June 10, 2004 at 7:54 AM PDT

Check out the pics as we mark our first year online.

Thanks to those who sent in Pictures of Duke Celebrating our first anniversary. This set of five pictures captures what I think we're doing here. We just help provide a space and help frame the conversation. The real contributions come from you.

We also take a look back in today's Projects and Communities . It's important to look back at goals that you've written and consider whether they still apply. A look at the Initial Vision shows our hopes and dreams at launch.

We are rerunning Ron Goldman's original article on the goals of the JavaPedia. Take a look and then sign up if you can join us for the JavaPedia workshop at JavaOne.

In Also in Java Today we ask if "the solution to the Persistence Problems in the Java community as simple as Geir Magnusson and Jeremy Boynes suggest in their article on TheServerSide? They point out that 'that the EJB3 expert group recognizes that EJB2 persistence doesn't satisfy the needs of a large number, if not the majority, of enterprise application developers. Further, they recognize that POJO persistence is a valid persistence strategy and developers like to use it for their applications. They are so interested in having it available, the EJB expert group is willing to alter the objective of the JSR to accommodate.' The solution then, is to make 'a POJO persistence model available in J2EE distinct from EJB without compromising EJBs, which are a valuable and appropriate solution for a small percentage of highly-complex enterprise applications. Not everyone needs EJB, but when you do, you do!'"

In Keld H. Hansen's tutorial on Using DAOs in Apache Struts you are shown how to use DAOs "to separate your presentation code from the code that accesses the back-end containing your data. The back-end is typically a database, but it could be anything: a flat file on your hard disk, a message queue connecting to a mainframe, or a web service interface to some server."

What do you do with stylesheet files in Tapestry?
In today's Forums, c_jinx writes "Suppose I have one CSS file for Mozilla browsers and another one for IE browsers. How do I link a different stylesheet file to a web page, depending on the browser used?"

Phil Webster tries to clarify the GPL. His logical argument is " 'Commercial software' != 'Proprietary software': TRUE 'Free (Libre) Software' != 'Proprietary software': TRUE 'Free (Libre) Software' != 'Commercial software: FALSE A!=C ^ B!=C /=> A!=B -- Fallacy of Undistributed Middle "

In the Selling a service thread we link to coverage of Tim O'Reilly's keynote at BEA's eWorld (read the disclaimer) " It is not as much about licensing and IP rights as many people think because you are not distributing software. It is shortsighted to think that all that matters is what is running on your own machine. These network applications do not distribute software. In fact, the real value is not just in their software but in their data."

In today's
Weblogs, John Reynolds writes that It's time for RDBMS Change Notification Services. He notes that "The APIs for the RDBMS Change Notification Services should be standardized, and the callback mechanisms should be flexible to support multiple languages and protocols (like XML over HTTP). I'm probably naive, but like SQL itself, agreement on a common standard will benefit all RDBMS vendors. There should be little incentive to implement proprietary APIs." His update also points to Oracle Streams.

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