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Active disrespect

Posted by daniel on July 29, 2004 at 8:07 AM PDT

During his OSCon keynote yesterday, Tim O'Reilly posted a graph of book sales in each technology category. O'Reilly pointed out that Java books were on top. No reaction from the crowd. Then he pointed out that their sales have been declining. The crowd applauded.

The night before, author Paul Graham said that there is only one good hacker who programs in Java. He paused for the applause and then added, outside of Sun there are none.

I know that this is a self-selecting group, but the Java community hosts many open source projects. The message seemed to be, no matter what you do you're still not one of us if your code is written in Java. In a panel discussion on this issue, Tim O'Reilly made the observation that "Sun often doesn't get the credit because they hold back just enough that people throw rocks at them. They've done 99% of the work that would make people happy. " At JavaOne last month Rob Gingell asked for clarification on what it means to "open source". He observed that there's no point in doing all the work to do what Sun thinks is open sourcing Java, to find out that that isn't what the community considers open source.

Danese Cooper provides her notes from the OSCon panel
in today's
Weblogs. If you were there, feel free to supplement her report, The Java debate at OSCon.

Daniel Brookshier celebrates Graduation Day in the Education and Learning Comunity. He recognizes the Cooperative Visual Environment and the Tspell project.

N. Alex Rupp reports that the recent release of Drools contains a change that has made Drools JSR-94 compliant and an order of magnitude faster.

In Also in Java Today , Andrew J. Bradfield has written a tip on "using Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI) to register Web services for application-level consumption. The author provides detailed code samples and an extension API based on the Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration for Java (UDDI4J) API" in his developerWorks article Develop a UDDI Java application for Web services registered within a UDDI registry.

Raghu Donepudi begins his devX article by asserting " Though Swing appeased some developers with its look-and-feel, the interfaces one could build with it still lacked the right look and its performance did not meet the requirements of large-scale, industrial-strength applications." SWT Creates Fast, Native-looking GUIs for Your Java Apps begins as a partisan look at SWT and ends with a quick catalog of the available components.

In today's

Forums, Ron Hitchens kicks of Item 23

Check parameters for validity
. "Common sense," he says. "But how often have you seen code that doesn't sanity check its parameters? Do you validate the parameters of all the public methods you write?"

Marc responds to adding too much structure too early because you prefer interfaces to abstract classes. He writes " I once worked at a place where many of the objects were defined like this: PersonInterface, AbstractPerson, PersonImpl. If you're not writing a public API and have access to all the places where the abstract class is used, does it really matter that much? Is it that hard to introduce an interface later? "

As for function pointers, Ashley Herring writes "Method invocation through interfaces is not always possible and a 'function pointer' design is required. For instance, for controller logic in MVC code you may want to route certain action events in the view to certain methods in the controller."

In Projects and Communities, The Safari search plug-in currently works with Eclipse version 2.1.3 and will soon be available in version 3.0. Now, without leaving the IDE, the developer can type in the keywords in the Safari search window and execute a search on the Safari library.

Java-Source.Net is a new directory of open source java software with categories such as CMS applications, Portals, Workflow Engines, Web Frameworks, PDF Libraries, and Code Coverage.

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