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Back home with the homepage

Posted by daniel on July 6, 2004 at 9:37 AM PDT

It felt like being on a vacation and then coming back home.

It was fun to experiment with our temporary home page last week. We featured bloggers and other bits of dynamic content all week and experimented with a different look that I think we will use in the future for conference coverage. Even so, it's nice to return to our standard home page with blogs, forums, articles, projects and communities, spotlights, news items, and more.

It is much the same as my travels to JavaOne. As nice as the hotel room was in San Francisco, it's still nice to be back home. Bruce Tate has turned his blogging attention to restaurants in today's
Weblogs. He asks Where's the Chicken in his post about how you might expect different kinds of Java developers to approach dinner time. From RUP to XP, from .NET to big framework guys to Geronimo developers.

Mike Loukides takes a look back in ex post javaone to figure out what was cool at this year's conference. He found the Big Question panel to be "a Big Disappointment. It's amazing how people managed to dance around the issue without getting to the big point. My boss, Tim O'Reilly, said the right thing: the important people are the ones who aren't in the room, the users of Linux who aren't using Java. And Larry Lessig said exactly the wrong thing when he took ideology off the table, because ideology is really the big problem. " I wasn't as disappointed with this discussion as Mike although I was surprised by the direction it took.

Chris DiBona was concerned with Gosling's statement during the panel that "All these distros, almost interoperable, but they're different enough to be a pain in the butt.". In Regarding Distribution Divergence.... Chris kicks off a discussion of this point of compatibility.

In Also in Java Today , Sing Li helps you get started with CodeRuler, " IBM alphaWorks' newest fantasy gaming simulator challenge. The game has a simple premise: You are the imperial ruler of your very own medieval kingdom. Your peasants and knights depend on your brilliant strategic thinking, agile adaptability, and superior Java programming skill to survive, increase, and prosper. Your objective as a player is to write Java code that simulates this ruler. The gaming simulator pits your ruler against up to six opponents' rulers (or the included sample rulers) and determines the winner."

In part two of his series on Web Services Integration Patterns, Massimiliano Bigatti presents five more patterns: Configuration Driven Service, Data Logger, Flow Logger, State Logger, and Input/Output Validator.

Projects and Communities
, we look back at the JavaOne announcements about the launch and open sourcing of Project Looking Glass on It " is based on Java technology and explores bringing a richer user experience to the desktop and applications via 3D windowing and visualization capabilities."

The new Mac Java community was launched just before JavaOne and WWDC were held across the street from each other in San Francisco's Moscone center. "If you have Mac-specific projects, weblogs, questions, or advice, this is the place to be. "

Add your thoughts on JavaOne announcements or events in today's Forums. I rant a bit about the newly named J2SE 5 version 1.5.

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