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Maven 1.0 is released

Posted by daniel on July 14, 2004 at 8:20 AM PDT

I thought it already had been.

In today's
Weblogs, Felipe Leme points out that Maven 1.0 is released. Didn't it seem as if Maven has been released for a while? People have been writing about it and adopting it for a while. Congratulations to the team on the 1.0 release - I look forward to the future enhancements in their M1SE 5.0 v 1.1 release (or whatever they plan on calling the next version).

Jack Shirazi posts on Integrating HTML validation to my site building process. He shares the code with you
that he uses to "call to a new validateHTML(File destinationfile) method. My validateHTML method basically calls the 'Tidy' executable on the newly created HTML file, (Tidy validates and corrects HTML). "

Satya Komatineni is preparing for his OSCon talk and provides you with Some code examples demonstrating what I call a Unified Abstract Configuration Pattern.

In Also in Java Today , Java 1.5 delivers various improvements to its security architecture. In an epilogue to his ONJava series from earlier this year, Denis Piloptchouk takes a look at the security changes in Tiger, and compares them to advancements in the .NET world. He concludes that while .NET is aggressively advancing its security functionality, "Java does not offer any significant new features in the upcoming release, instead extending its offerings in existing categories."

Throughout this year's JavaOne converence, Tony Welch has provided us with great pictures. Here are his shots of the Java Timeline.

In today's Forums on the Big Question, Kenlars99 writes that we should Open-source at least non-core technologies like JMF.
"The 'compatibility' issue really only applies to things that are distributed with J2SE, J2ME, or J2EE." Madth3 writes "Release often might help and I think the current snapshots of Tiger are a good idea but I don't think Java should make more frequent 'official' releases. One of the things I like about java is it's stability: I download the JDK/JRE and expect it to just work."

In Projects and Communities, follow the links to various resources for Java Scripting, add your own, or provide comments below the line.

The Rome project is a set of Atom/RSS Java utilities that make it easy to work in Java with most syndication formats.

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