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Testing tags

Posted by daniel on July 8, 2004 at 12:38 PM PDT

Is more of the logic in your Java application headed for places other than your Java code?

Simon Brown writes in his Introduction to Tag Unit that you should think of JSP custom tags as components in their own right and this means they should be tested. The problem is that you don't want to test tags as standalone classes as "ou use custom tags inside of your JSPs through an XML syntax and not by directly instantiating the tag handler classes. For all intents and purposes, this XML syntax defines the component interface to any given tag. Because tags are used in this way, it makes most sense to test them in this way, too. In other words, custom tags are components and therefore need to be tested at that level, in the way that they would normally be used from within a JSP page."

" Almost all Business Processes begin with the submittal of a Form, and seldom can a Business Process proceed until the Form's input has been validated against a set of rules."
In today's
Weblogs, John Reynolds writes that we can Improve JSF by Decoupling Form Rules from Presentation Components. He writes that component frameworks "can be better if they stick to presentation and rely on Business Forms to provide validation rules. I hope that I have demonstrated that JSF could be enhanced to consolidate the Rules that govern Business Forms, and that Rule consolidation simplifies the mapping between requirements and implementation."

N. Alex Rupp writes of his experience with the Twin Cities chapter of the International Association of Software Architects in Approaching Architecture. Rupp muses that you can't get a degree in Software Architecture but that he thinks " Software Architecture as an explicit and well-developed science is also the way of the future."

Follow the links to a code listing that begins
"->+>+++>>+>++>+>+++>>+>". Need better commented code? Check out the listing that includes comments
* read in the number

[-[>>>>>>>>>>][-]<<<<<<<<<<". Jonathan Simon links to these example of this small Turing complete language in Another useless language diversion.

In Also in Java Today , Bruce Tate blogs about Good middleware. He writes " Most of the people that read on a daily basis already know about lightweight containers and AOP, and many like and use agile methods. But most Java developers haven’t got a clue about lightweight development if their vendor isn’t telling them about it. That’s my intended audience. To this end, I’d like to step back and talk about the principles that I believe are important for good middleware."

"The biggest challenge in dealing with class-loading problems is that problems rarely manifest themselves during the class-loading process but rather during the usage of a class later on." Andreas Shaeffer looks at debuggin these problems in his latest article on Inside Class Loaders: Debugging. One of the key tips in debugging, is to ensure that the correct class loader is being used.

Projects and Communities
, Satya Komatineni has posted a General introduction to server side java patterns which "covers application patterns, data access patterns, business logic patterns, presentation patterns, and http patterns."

The notes from the JavaOne workshop on the JavaPedia have been posted at Javapedia Workshop 2004 Notes. It is a wiki page, of course, so add your comments and suggestions.

The discussion continues on the recent J2SE name change
in today's Forums. Jcwcm1 says "That SHOULD be the java naming convention." Calum points out that one justification in the name game is ".NET 2.0 - it's to do with the uneducated 'Java 1.x....but .NET is on 2.x - so it must be better.....'. However unlikely you think that scenario is, it will, soon enough, be happening." 

David Hall spoke at JavaOne and adds to the discussion on speaker evaluations from this year being used to filter speakers for next year. He "was suprised to find [...] references to topics that I didn't cover, references to multiple people speaking where I was alone on stage, and references to an undecipherable accent. Before they use the comments as a filter for future speakers, I hope they work out the bugs in the evaluation report."

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