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Posted by daniel on August 27, 2004 at 6:48 AM PDT

Something old, something new...

We are moving our forums over to Jive software to address some of the comments we've received over the past few months about readability of forums. One nice feature is that you will be able to see by the red dot next to various posts which items have appeared since the last time you visited. Also you will be able to subscribe to RSS feeds for forums or for specific discussions within forums.

There are two notes about this move. First, we decided not to wait until we had had a chance to move the existing discussions over. So for a while, you will have to bridge between two mechanisms. Second, this is a new installation. As you notice things that aren't quite right, please send us an email with details.

The first Jive hosted forum is The Subscription Model building on Simon Phipps' article mentioned below in projects and communities. Coming Monday, we will debut the new bookclub discussion on Paul Graham's book "Hackers and Painters". In the mean time we also are reviving the EJB discussion based on an update to the proposal posted by Prasad and Taneja (see Also in Java Today).

In today's Forums, I ask for your suggestions for future Book club selections. The "Pragmatic Programmer" is already in the queue.

In Optimize Judiciously, Jimothy writes "One modification I'd make: declare the args as type Object, rather than String. Otherwise, you'd have to call toString(), which undones some of the optimization. There's still a problem with primitives, but what can you do? As for me, I'll still with isDebugEnabled(), but this isn't a bad idea."

Also in Java Today
, in response to the feedback provided in the forum, Ganesh Prasad and Rajat Taneja have provided an Update to "New Life for EJB". Follow the link to download the pdf update in which they "have reconciled four concerns – architectural soundness, performance, security and ease of use. Further, our model needs no explicitly declared local or remote interfaces for any bean. This is even simpler and friendlier than the EJB 3.0 mechanism." The discussion continues in the forums.

Here is the second part of an excerpt from Hans Bergsten's JavaServer Faces. In this installment, Hans continues his presentation of event handling in JSF, adding the ability to toggle advanced features on a web form, by picking up an event when a changed form is submitted. He says "the event handling concepts and mechanisms that I've described in this chapter may take some time to truly understand, but when you do, they make sense given the nature of a web application with the client separated from the server."

today's Weblogs, Mark Hadley reports on Attachments for SOAP. "This week has seen a bumper crop of specification releases in the area of SOAP attachments with entrants from both WS-I and W3C. What are the differences between the two and do you need to worry about them ?"

John MItchell asks If you could get rid of one thing from Java, what would it be?. He doesn't mean this from a confrontation standpoint, he is riffing on the quote that "You know you've achieved perfection in design [..]
 when you have nothing more to take away."

Should variables have unique names? Malcolm Davis writes about Class variable names and contrasts the use of m and this.

John Reynolds continues his Echo exploration in creating custom components for Echo hangman. "In an earlier blog I discussed "porting" the Tapestry Hangman example to Echo. In this installment, I create some custom controls. There are few better ways to understand a component framework then to develop some new components."

In Projects and Communities, in his essay on The Subscription Model, Simon Phipps examines " The paradox - profiting from what is given away - is actually one many of us participate in every day in another area of our lives". Discuss.

The JavaDesktop community is highlighting a graphical user interface for Energy Control Systems' Linux-based building automation systems called WebECS.

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