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Great Hackers

Posted by daniel on August 26, 2004 at 5:25 AM PDT

Java attacked and defended

I blogged last month about Paul Graham's OSCon address on great hackers. He has now published the text of his speech Great Hackers so you can take a look for yourself. We will be featuring Graham's book "Hackers and Painters" in our next book club discussion. Steve Mallet sends in a link to "Java Developers Journal's attempt to debunk Paul Graham's "Great Hackers" criticisms of Java and Java programmers. 'I have had to stop and think - what is it about Java that makes people brand it as the most un-cool language on earth? I have had friends look at me like I was a poor sod for "having to" develop in Java. So, let me list all the reasons I can think why people consider Java un-cool.'"

Also in Java Today
, Lakshmi Monda provides a link to an article which "describes how to generate PRC software files for a Palm Pilot PDA that supports Java. This describes how to create .jar and .jad files, often referred to as MIDlets, that could be converted to PRC files using J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition) Wireless Tool kit and Java source files. Such PRC files created by J2ME Wireless Toolkit can be easily installed and run on a Palm PDA like any other application by using the HotSync Manager."

Sue Spielman writes about a conference in Denmark called JAOO
today's Weblogs. "This year's JAOO conference is covering developing large software systems, agile development, J2EE best practices, design patterns, testing large systems and experiences from building large distributed systems. While this is primarily a Java conference, we're going to see a bunch of .NET coverage this year."

In today's Forums, Bruce Chapman adds to the discussion on Optimizing judiciously. "Yes, assertions and log messages are different, but we have not found any difficulties with using the assert mechanism to control logging. Generally when you want one, you want both." His post provides further details.

John M agrees that we should look ahead in the bookclubs more. "Off-topic: I wish would publish the list of to be discussed books three months in advance. People should have time to prepare properly. -- Good idea! Heck, even a month in advance would give people more time to get primed for the discussion."

In Projects and Communities, the Java Games community forums include discussions on third party APIs such as their board on LWJGL (Lightweight Java Game Library) development.

The JavaPedia page on SOAP includes links to the w3c page and other resources. Add your favorite articles and open source projects to the list.

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