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Posted by daniel on September 3, 2004 at 8:59 AM PDT

Plenty of flavors - what are you using?

In Projects and Communities,
Michael Nascimento Santos blogs that AspectWerkz 1.0 RC 1 is out saying "It focus on dynamic AOP, use a Java-based approach (no strange plugin is required for your IDE to actually "understand" your aspects) and allows both online and offline execution modes." Our poll this week asks you which Aspects framework you are using.

Also in "Projects and Communities, the JXTA community's JEF project "is a project aimed to both define and implement a genetic programming framework for the Java TM programming language." It currently consists of three subprojects: DNA, Jef, and JXTA-Jef.

Laird Nelson posted his first blog entry Seventeenth century object design in today's Weblogs. Nelson finds a common thread in discussions of object reuse and in the works of John Locke. He begins by saying the question is "how best to design an object or a component for reuse. You want to get the hypothetical object down to what's important across domains, to trim away the fat, but, as a competing concern, to make it rich enough that people won't have to reinvent the wheel. Slimming down your object also provides incentive for someone else to use it, provided you don't slim it down so far that it's impractical."

Bill Day has been catching up with his promised monthly wireless wrap up posts. He's posted several at once ending with Wireless Recap, August 2004.

In Applying Distributed XML to The Open Source Paradigm Shift our news director Steve Mallett proposes "a possible solution to insuring the freedom to innovate and improve as we do with open source software as it may apply to the Open Source Paradigm Shift and the move to Infoware."

Also in Java Today
, the ACM reports on a suvey of Who should work with whom? building effective software project teams. The recommendations include " personality heterogeneity between the team leader and other team members in the social-interaction and information-gathering dimensions" and "The team leader may be selected such that he or she is of intuitive (N) type on the information-gathering dimension,[..] in the decision-making dimension is a feeling (F) type [and] in the dimension involving dealing with external world is judging (J)."

Dave Chappell, the author of O'Reilly's "Enterprise Service Bus" explains that "an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is a standards-based integration platform that combines messaging, web services, data transformation, and intelligent routing in a highly distributed, event-driven Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)." In an excerpt on ONJava, Dave discusses ESB's concept of the service container, and how it exemplifies the ESB principle of "configuration, not code."

Were you a nerd in High School? How were you treated?
In today's Forums, Jonathan Simon starts up the conversation about Why nerds are unpopular in the "Hackers and Painters" bookclub discussion. "This chapter makes a great case saying that nerds are unpopular because they don't care about being popular -- or at least not enough to sacrifice their nerd desires to accomplish popularity. Generally I agree, but I am having a hard time reconciling this theory with my experiences.[..] There were the cool nerds, and the druggie nerds, and loser nerds -- but still all nerds. "

In the Browser discussion, Rythos posts "A web based approach in OS agnostic. And seeing as MS's wealth is based on Windows/Office, it could be considered equivalent to knawing your own arm off to fend off attackers with. Paul believes that MS will die if it doesn't do this. [..] It seems like the only reason that web programming is coming out in strength is because the "perfect solution" wasn't standardized from the beginning, whereas HTTP is standardized . What do you think?"

JohnM responds about web standards saying "Look at all of the hell created by sites built to the insanity of MS IE. Before too many folks start patting themselves on the back for following the web standards... have they actually tested their sites on cell phones and handhelds or, heaven forbid, with people who have bad eyesight (e.g., color blindness, near-/far-sightedness, completely blind), poor motor control, etc.?"

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