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Shiny and new

Posted by daniel on September 29, 2004 at 12:40 PM PDT

Tiger is coming to a desktop near you.

Developers have seen lists of changes to the language for the Tiger
release for months. Generics, varargs, static imports, enums, ... lots
of new toys for us to play with. In today's href="">Weblogs, Chet Haase
writes about the features that the end users will notice in href="">
Tiger on the Desktop. It is one impressive list - don't miss the
item that shows you how to enable the OpenGL implementation that has
been added to Java2D. Maybe tomorrow's Tiger release party will have
enough of that "teeming throng of Tiger admirers" that Chet is looking

Daniel Brookshier blogs about the Education and Learning
Community's first advisory board meeting in href="">No
child held back! He reports, "The current problem with education
is that it is a machine that forces a certain pace of learning. If a
student is allowed to create their own pace, learning is unbounded and
moves as fast as the student's capabilities and interest. Learning is
also bound by the teachers skills. By exposing a student to a wider
field of study that is unbounded, the student is not forced to live
within the bounds of a teacher's limited circulum. Not to say teachers
are inadequate, the system should just allow a student access to any
teacher or expert as the student's need for specific mentoring

Also in Java Today
, Struts provides a nice separation
of view and controller from the typical web application
arrangement, but this turns out to make a Struts application more
difficult to test completely with a tool like Cactus. Lu Jian
believes he has found a solution, which he calls "StrutsUT". In
Test Your Struts Application, he says "the idea is to extend
the Cactus framework's 'in-container' part to interact with the
test case two times in the web container", with the test called
from both Cactus and Struts.

The weak generational hypothesis says that "Most allocated
objects will die young [and] Few references from older to younger
objects exist." In href="">Garbage Collection
in the Java HotSpot Virtual Machine, Tony Printezis explains
approaches to ensure that "the GC must be able to identify live
objects in the young generation without having to scan the entire
(and potentially larger) old generation."

In Projects and
, Welcome to the href=""> CNJUG (China Java Users
Group) to their site that will be used to
"collaborate with our members, share ideas, discuss existing or
future CNJUG events maybe even start new Java related

The Jini Community href="">webinar series begins
Wednesday, September 29, 2004 12-1pm EDT with Bill Rawlings of
Lockheed Martin describing a system based on Jini and JavaSpaces
technology which significantly reduces the time and resources required
to reformat an image.

Bondolo argues why the code formatting problems should just go away, in today's

. He writes "It's unfortunate that the Code
Formatting problem still exists. There are no good technical
reasons why everyone's editor shouldn't just display all source in
their preferred style. Compilers and version control systems can
happily eat some normalized format that may be nobody's

Jonathan Simon reacts to the story where the href="">customer
service rep fixes a bug and tells the user to reload, "I was
cringing when I read parts of this knowing that they were just
pushing stuff into production like that. Assuming all your tests
are automated, you can get pretty quick, but not that

Dog asks, "Why do some people seem so keen and so happy to href="">get
rid of software companies?? I like working at a software company!
Would I prefer to work at a Bank, an Aerospace company, a car factory,
a food producer?? Hell no!! Software companies are cool, they have
casual wear, they have flextime, I don't have to deal too much with
customers, I get free drinks, etc."

In the href="">
Good Bad Attitude chapter, Jonathan Simon writes, "Graham gets at
the idea that good results are often the effect of breaking
rules. Again, I think this comes back to the idea that new thought is
controversial. One of the things that the US does well is the liberal
arts education -- learning a broad range of subjects outside your
main discipline and their integration. And part of that education is
learning to break rules to get your task accomplished."

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Tiger is coming to a desktop near you