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Taking a shine to Ruby

Posted by daniel on September 16, 2004 at 11:09 AM PDT

It looks pretty Groovy

Even though Groovy is currently getting a lot of attention and mind share, Ruby has a lot to offer Java developers as well. The second edition of Programming Ruby is about to ship and the reviews indicate that the additional two hundred some pages make it an even better place to start your Ruby exploration than the fine first edition. Every time I sit down with a Ruby coder, they just seem so happy. Worth adding to your list of things to learn.

The developerWorks alt.lang.jre series continues with alt.lang.jre: Take a shine to JRuby. "JRuby is a pure Java implementation of the Ruby interpreter [which] incorporates the sophisticated text-processing of Perl, the iterators and closures familiar to Groovy developers, and the rapid development features of Jython and other languages discussed in this series. JRuby is also an interpreted language, so it can be run from the command line or used to evaluate simple expressions or blocks of code on the fly."

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Java Today
, Puneet Agarwal presents a catalog of Struts best practices in a recent JavaWorld Magazine article. Agarwal lays out a dozen situations and then outlines the appropriate Struts best practice. The areas covered include Exceptions, Action Chaining, Screens with dynamic fields, and Application security.

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Weblogs, James Gosling talks about his presentation tool in What's Happening with Huckster. He reports that he recently "got this goofy idea: could I do something cool by integrating 3D (JOGL+Xith) into Huckster? The answer was yes, but there was a problem: I needed to go between the 3D world, and 2D. I wanted to render 2D into texture maps, and then get them to fly around on the screen."

Projects and Communities
, the Java Tools community homepage features xlSQL, a generic document JDBC Driver that provides access to documents of type excel, CSV, XML and xBase / DBF through SQL, as if they were databases.

The Mac Java Community links to a hint about fixing problems with Java documentation and code completion in XCode, the default Mac OS X IDE.

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