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Bolstering the JavaPedia

Posted by daniel on October 19, 2004 at 10:25 AM PDT

What needs to be done to help improve the JavaPedia.

The thing about bloggers is you never know what they're going to
say. Jon Mountjoy has posted his thoughts of what he terms href="">
Javapedia impediments in today's href=""> Weblogs. He wants a nice
domain name, easier search for the majority of users who read the wiki
and don't contribute, and make it nicer to look at.

Joshua Marinacci is also thinking about usability in his post href="">
Please: think of the users! He provides half a dozen tips that
boil down to thinking of your users first since "Your UI will be
subconciously molded to fit your own algorithm if you don't think of
your users first. We Java developers should be familiar with concept
since we often separate interface from implementation. When you design
that new widget, first think of what the user wants to do with it, not
how you want to implement it. Implementation is secondary. (at

In Also
in Java Today
, In his ACM Queue article href="">
A Time and Place for Standards , Gordon Bell writes "the time has
come to declare a moratorium on creating even more consortia and SSOs
[standards-setting organizations] than we already have." On the
positive side, he writes "standards can do much to reduce wasteful,
redundant product development—thus freeing up resources that can
instead be dedicated to fresh, inventive work." He warns that there
are "several areas of burgeoning technological innovation that appear
to be ripe for new and evolving standards. But, as I hope I’ve
managed to illustrate, those areas need to be approached with some
restraint since too many standards are at least as bad as none at

In his latest JavaWorld magazine article, Richard Lawson shows you
how to use XML-RPC to href="">
call Perl routines from your Java code. He argues that instead of
using SOAP, "sometimes your problem is simple, and a light API like
XML-RPC can allow you to quickly and easily connect formerly
independent programs that were separated by language, platform, and
location." The article starts "with the Perl module and routines we
want to call, wrap a facade around them, then connect the XML-RPC
server to the facade. Next, we call the routine through the Java
XML-RPC implementation."

In Projects and
, the href="">Java Users Group
Community page reminds you that href="">JavaPolis, Europe's largest
Java conference, is two months away. href="">BeJUG members can register free for
the conference, and registering for JavaPolis gets you a one-year
BeJUG membership.

Query streams of XML with the help of href="">Typex. This Java Web
Services & XML Community
project provides a data bindng
system, with Java classes specifying data to be extracted from the
stream. A demo application pulls items of interest from RSS feeds.

When should you change Java? In today's href="">
Forums,TSinger asks and answers this question saying "IMHO,
there are only two reasons for changing Java:- catch often occuring
errors at compile time (e.g. const or notnull references) and - make
your intention more clear (e.g. enhanced for-loop in Java 5)".

How do you href="">enhance
documentation to knit together docs for different APIs? Pdoubleya
writes "As a developer, the main problem is really with multiple APIs,
as others said. As a developer, I now use a couple of dozen FOSS APIs
on a regular basis, for different projects. Their JavaDocs are not
linked to each other, there is no real search capability, and
installing new docs means I have to update my references to the API

RegExGuy has a proposal on href="">
Default values + Generics = Better together. He writes "The idea
is that the X => Y construct identifies which argument you want to
set. So if you use it, you don't have to specify the arguments in
order. It would be optional, of course, but once the construct => was
used in an argument list, all remaining arguments would have to use
it. This would be really simplify writing constructors for complex
objects with lots of default parameters. Also, having the compiler
fill in the class argument would get around some of the problems
people have with generics. "

In today's
News Headlines

  • href="">IBM
    Updates Eclipse Java-COM Bridge Tool
  • JIRA 3.0
  • href="">BEA
    Mobilizes Corporate Data
  • href="">Defections
    Rattle JSR-208 Alliance
  • Sun
    Seen Stressing Software, IP
  • jBPM Joins

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What needs to be done to help improve the JavaPedia.