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Community Activism

Posted by daniel on October 18, 2004 at 7:59 AM PDT

Get more involved in the communities.

Many communities on would welcome your help. If you would
like to help lead a community, let us know, In particular, in today's
Weblogs, Eduardo
Pelegri-Llopart asks if you href="">
Want to help lead the WS and XML Community at He
welcomes new members to the community leadership and asks if you might
be interested in helping out. He particularly reaches out for non-Sun
employees who may be interested.

Do you care what your PC looks like? John Reynolds says that they
are boring and blogs href="">Fashion
and Function... why not. He writes "except for speed and minor
window dressing the computer on my desk is virtually identical to the
one that I was using 10 years ago. Is this design really optimal, or
did we just settle?"

In Also
in Java Today
Paul Ford has been writing a series about
"Hacking Congress" in which he is creating a Semantic Web of the
three branches of the US government. In href="">Stuck in
the Senate he refines the RDF for members of the Senate and
considers how you appropriately handle someone who may have different
roles and positions in their career and how you deal with different
people who share the same name.

Benoit Aumars considers a hypothetical coordination challenge in href="">XML
Messaging Using JBoss, a networked producer/consumer scenario
requiring scheduled pulls from two different databases that are then
communicated to the rest of the system with Java Messaging Service
(JMS). He brings open-source tools to the task - JBoss, Quartz,
Castor, and Hibernate - and shows how Java Management Extension (JMX)
MBeans provided by these tools makes coordinating them practical.

In Projects and
, the href="">JSR community notes that
JSR 229: Payment
public review draft is available. The JSR covers "enabling
application developers to initiate mobile payment transactions in
J2ME applications."

The JavaDesktop
community's Attune
project provides a music player that "will learn the musical tastes of
the user by monitoring input and play songs that the user likes

Do we need a new property keyword? In today's href=""> Forums,
EKeeton writes "I suppose in your suggestion the compiler could supply
default getters and setters, similar to a default constructor. So when
you wrote:public property int size;you would get
(invisibly) something like:

private int size;public int getSize()
{ return size;}public void setSize(int size) { this.size =

MGrev suggests "Since there are no way of defining the href="">
relative ordering of the listeners in Swing (the order is "undefined")
it is hard to "snatch" events from a component that you can't, or
don't want to, subclass. You might also want to be able to "pick up"
events that haven't been caught (consumed) by a component and thus
would like to register yourself last in the listener list chain."

What about href="">
an === operator? Laura Piersol writes "Add ===
operator that maps for primitives to == and maps for
classes to:(a == b || (a != null && a.equals(b)) Would
make code much cleaner and clearer without changing JVM or having
compatibility issues."

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Get more involved in the communities.