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Congratulations GoF

Posted by daniel on October 28, 2004 at 12:13 PM PDT

Ten years of Design Patterns

It was at OOPSLA ten years ago that the Gang of Four (Gamma, Helm, Johnson, and Vlissides)'s Design Patterns book was first released. Elisabeth Freeman blogs a congratulations on Design Patterns 10th Anniversary writes that this book "introduced the world to the idea of creating reusable, general OO designs that could be applied across lots of problems."

Also in today's Weblogs, Felipe Leme writes about Setting a lightweight JBoss server for web development only.
" Have you ever been in the situation where you needed to use JBoss only as a web server, but had to bear the overhead of starting all those MBeans because you didn't know how to turn them off? Well, I did, but haven't never had the patience to change that situation. Until recently, when I was forced to optimize the process..."

Jon Mountjoy blogs about JQuery - Logic Programming, Source code and Eclipse Plugins.
"JQuery provides an embedded logic programming language, and a fact database built from your source code, allowing you to build queries that shows only those elements of your source code that you want to see."

In Also
in Java Today
, Rick Catrell says that "organizations fail when they try to do too much" in his interview with Janice Heiss in The Things I Wish I Learned in Engineering School. He recalls that when working on JDBC he "was surprised at how cooperative everyone in the industry was, and how effectively I was able to work with them in what we would now call an expert group. The work on JDBC went five times faster than any standards activity I've ever been involved in, and the results looked less like it was designed by a committee. [..] If you look for perfect consensus, you usually end up with a design by committee. With a strong specification lead, you can get a coherent design and still retain a high degree of consensus."

In his look at The J2ME Wireless Messaging API, David Hemphill looks at the two base protocols Short Message Service (SMS) and Cell Broadcast Service (CBS). Also he writes "WMA with the PushRegistry allows a MIDlet to handle SMS and CBS messages even if it is not running when the message is received by the device."

In Projects and
, the Communications community is interested in JSR 180 SIP API for J2ME (Session Initiation Protocol) which is in Maintenance Review through November 15.

The GELC community has graduated the Rin'G, JotAzul, Matrix Toolkits for Java, and new2java projects.

It would be nice to
Add useful things to the API to help beginners.
In today's
, Vikstar agrees and suggests "it would also automatically fix stuff like:if (a = b) System.out.println("a and b were equal");[..]"

TSinger responds to an SWT vs. Swing thread saying "Wrong. Eclipse looks and feels good, because capable developers and GUI-designers (the people, not the tools) are responsible for the GUI. But Swing-GUI can be as good looking and feeling as well - see or for examples."

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Ten years of Design Patterns