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Swing catalog

Posted by daniel on October 12, 2004 at 12:05 PM PDT

Sitting on a stack of libraries.

When I was young and went to visit my grandparents in Boston, my
Grandmother would take out the phone book and put it in a chair to
raise me up enough to reach the table. In my home town of just a few
thousand people, the 1/4 inch thick publication would not have been
much help so we used the Sears catalog. Most of the searching I do now
is online. It's less wasteful and can be kept more up to date. It
does, however, mean that I need to find other alternatives for booster

Hans Muller presents one such catalog - a listing of href="">Another
40 Swing Component Libraries in today's href="">Weblogs. He writes " The Swing Component Depot column has a backlog of about 40
component suites. They'll all appear there eventually however we
thought you'd like to see the queue now, in all its unadorned
glory. So, here for your delectation is a brief summary of all 40 of

Have you gotten the exception

501 5.0.0 HELO requires domain addressavax.mail.MessagingException:
501 5.0.0 HELO requires domain address
? Jason Falkner provides
a solution in his blog entry href="">
A stupid user trick for goggle to cache. He tells you "The problem
is as simple as translating your computer's IP address to a name. Just
add the appropriate entry in /etc/hosts that converts your computer's
IP to its hostname."

More Mustang suggestions in today's

. Cowwoc writes "My suggestions has been, and
remains, to replace BugParade by what Netbeans is using for
. One could use their issue tracker or something
similarly de-formalized and [..] Communication should be
two-way between engineers and end-users. Want a good example
of what I'm talking about? See's discussion
forums. That is some good work at play!"

Denismo, the moderator asks "Where do you think the most of the
efforts in Mustang must be concentrated - on bugs or features? Fixed
bugs make the platform more stable, but slow the progress of Java. We
hear numerous requests for features, but how often do people start
using new features when new release comes? What is the perfect
combination of the amount of fixed bugs and features , for Mustang?"

Also in Java Today
, Debu Panda describes href="">
Simplifying EJB Development with EJB 3.0 . Panda explains ways
in which the new spec simplifies the EJB developer's job, "If you
developed an EJB with the latest specification you realize how
difficult is develop a simple EJB like HelloWorld EJB. You need at
least two interfaces, a bean class and a deployment
descriptor. Most of the developers wondered why do I need all
these. "

As powerful and ubiquitous as ant is, you end up using XML as your
scripting language. In href="">
Build scripts with Groovy and Ant , Filippo Diotalevi shows you
how to take a simple ant build script and code it in Groovy. He also
presents a simple start/stop script for Tomcat.

In Projects and
, the href="">Java Enterprise
Community project href="">Verge provides a number of
convenient development frameworks, including an Inversion of
Control (IoC) container, an MVC framework, and extensions to
ant to handle dependencies and intra-project

Here's a tip of the hat... to href="">HAT, the Heap Analysis Tool.
This Java Tools
project helps discover undesirable object retention
(aka, "memory leaks") by taking snapshots of the heap and making them
available via a simple web server.

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Sitting on a stack of libraries.