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Tiger is so ... last week

Posted by daniel on October 7, 2004 at 7:27 AM PDT

Planning for Mustang

Tiger was released a week ago. To keep us from dwelling on the past,
Denis Mikhalkin has agreed to moderate a new forum to discuss the href="">
features that you most want to see in the next J2SE release, code
named Mustang. Of course, I'm kidding about "dwelling in the past" but we are so glad to have Denis write the following in today's

. "We are in the stage of
planning for the next release, 1.6.0, code-named "Mustang". We
have thousands of features to choose from, but only a small
amount of them will be implemented. Only the most important
features, the most asked by the developers will be chosen and
implemented. Do you think we underestimate the importance of
some features? Do you have some bright idea for a feature?
This is the place for you to speak up."

On the href="">
copyright thread, JWenting writes "actually, copyright is implicit
not explicit. [..] The moment you commit something to any medium it's
copyrighted to you (or to whomever you signed over copyright
contractually like an employer) unless you explicitly denounce your

There's game code to play with from Chet Haase and Dmitri
Trembovetski in today's href="">Weblogs. In href="">
Java Game Developement, Chet links to a JDJ article that the
pair has written as well as to the project containing the
source code.

JBob weighs in with his view on Java on the Mac with his post href="">
Where's Apple. He comments on Chris Adamson's earlier blog and
Chris responds in the talkback section.

Also in Java Today
, a recent Enterprise Tech tip tells
you how to use href="">JAX-RPC
to expose a Java Object as a Web Service. To understand the
Java standard implementation of SOAP 1.1 and WSDL 1.1 you must
also understand WSDL files which" describe, in XML semantics, the
interfaces and implementation objects that are used to generate
component stubs inside the container. WSDL files also define the
ports to the outside world and transport protocols through which
web services communicate."

TheServerSide has published the first in a four part series on href="">JDO
2.0: JDOQL. Robin Roos begins the series with an introduction to
"New operator and method support, paging of query results, and
datastore-delegated 'deletion by query'. "

In Projects and
, You can read the href=""> on Java Live transcript to see what you missed in
this hour long conversation with the Sun representatives of's core team: John Bobowicz and Chris Cheline.

The Javapedia href="">FrameworksAndLibraries
page lists over 40 projects and products that include JSP tag
libraries, web application frameworks, and general-purpose

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Planning for Mustang