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A stagnant adulthood

Posted by daniel on November 4, 2004 at 9:47 AM PST

Genial humanists and Obsessive Visionaries

Brian Marrick's thoughts on OOPSLA are summed up in his blog entry subtitled Just Another Boring Romantic, That's Me. Marrick summarizes his thoughts after seeing talks by Ward Cunningham and Alan Kay like this, "We're all just people, mostly muddling along the best we can. But Lord, I wish the genial humanists like Ward and the obsessive visionaries like Alan Kay had more influence. I worry that the adolescence of computers is almost over, and that we're settling into that stagnant adulthood where you just plod on in the world as others made it, occasionally wistfully remembering the time when you thought endless possibility was all around you."

In today's Weblogs, Andreas Schaeffer writes Unit Test are at least as important as the Code itself: Part II which "is a response to some comments on my blog about Unit Testing. It tries to shed some light into the fact that tests do have an impact on the delivered code and despite the fact that tests are not shipped they influence the shipped code. I hope this somehow justifies my claim that tests can become more important than the code."

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, the parameters of the HTTP "GET request are used to narrow the result and do not change server state. The same GET request can be sent to the server as many times as needed. On the contrary, parameters of POST request usually contain input data, which can change state of server application. Same data submitted twice may produce unwanted results, like double withdrawal from a bank account or storing two identical items in a shopping cart of an online store. " In Michael Juravlev's Redirect after Get he proposes the "POST-REDIRECT-GET pattern splits one request into two. Instead of returning a result page immediately in response to POST request, server responds with redirect to result page. Browser loads the result page as if it were an separate resource. After all, there are two different tasks to be done. First is to POST input data to the server. Second is to GET output to the client."

Version 2.2 of the J2ME Wireless Toolkit beta includes support for the development and testing of Bluetooth applications. Eric Giguere helps you with Getting Started With Bluetooth with a quick summary of and pointers to some of the online material such as the Java APIs for Bluetooth Wireless Technology.

In Projects and
, the Mac Java Community page notes the release of Netatalk 2.0, which provides kernel-level support for AppleTalk/AppleShare to *nix operating systems. The new release allows Linux and other servers on Mac-centric networks to support AFP-based sharing of files with long names or sizes over 2GB.

The Java Tools Community project WebAppSecurity is a filter-level framework that can prevent many attacks on web applications, such as fishing, overloading, and cracking. An article on the project page shows how to use it to defend against a brute force password-cracker.

What about super.super? In today's Forums, Guilt asks "Can this feature be done in Java, or will there be support for it in future (say, in Mustang) ? [If C extends B which extends A ]
class C extends B{
void getValue(){
new super.super.getValue(); //How do I make this access A.getValue() ?

Patrik Beno writes an answer to Multiple public classes/interfaces in a single file. "AFAIK, inner class always exists within outer instance. It even has access to the members of the outer instance. You cannot have static inner class. What you describe is nested class. You declare nested class using 'static' keyword. It is a standalone class with no links whatsoever to the surrounding class."

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Genial humanists and Obsessive Visionaries