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Posted by daniel on November 9, 2004 at 8:28 AM PST

Taking a trip through the Looking Glass

Sam Hiser co-wrote a book on the Java Desktop System for O'Reilly
and was particularly impressed with the look and feel of Project
Looking Glass. For him, it was one of the first real significant
breaks with the traditional WIMP (Window, Icon, Menu, Pointing
Device) approach. In href="">
Through the Looking Glass he interviews Looking Glass creator
Hideya Kawahara about the ideas behind the interface and explores
whether or not Looking Glass just eye candy or is there something
deep and real going on.

Kathy Walrath has done a lot for in the past year and a
half with all that she has done for the Java Desktop Community. In
today's Weblogs she
debuts as a blogger with a reminder: href="">
Don't miss the Swing chat!

In Also
in Java Today
, The latest issue of the Journal of Object
Technology includes an article on href="">Mixins and the
Superclass Interface. Anthony J H Simmons writes that "A mixin is
best described as a freestanding component extension, something that
is intended to be added onto another class using the inheritance
mechanism. A mixin can be combined with many different base classes,
to yield different extended classes which contain the combined base
and mixin features. Some mixins provide orthogonal functionality that
can be added to any class. Other mixins expect the class with which
they are combined to provide certain operations, because the
mixin's own methods depend on them."

John Zukowski introduces you to the latest look and feel added to J2SE
5.0 in href="">Getting
to know Synth. Synth "allows you to change the look produced by
the program without reprogramming. The format of the XML file used
with Synth is described in the Synth File Format document. Inside the
outermost synth tag, you can have tags such as <style>,
<bind>, <font>, <color>, <imagePainter>, and
<imageIcon>. There are also special properties that you can set,
these are listed in the Component Specific Properties
document. Essentially, you define styles and bind them to components."

In Projects and
the href="">Java
Enterprise community's href="">Stapler project "is a
library that staples your application objects to URLs in
the web tier, making it easier to write web applications. The core
idea of Stapler is to automatically assign URLs for your application

The Jini community's
compute server framework provided by the href="">ComputeFarm has been improved
with a new release that features a complete overhaul of the API, a
production mode switch, and more unit tests, documentation, and

Cowwoc invites you to take a href="">
look at Joda Time in today's href="">Forums. He
writes that " href="">Joda Time
[..] seems to provide a rich and extensive replacement for Date
and Calendar and replacing those two is certainly well-warranted. What
do you guys think? Feedback wanted".

KCPeppe advises that "Exposing a collection in an API is just href="">
exposing yourself for down stream problems. Not encapsulating
collections in a class that provides symantics that is consistant with
the domain is also exposing yourself for potential problems later on."

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Taking a trip through the Looking Glass