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Posted by daniel on November 3, 2004 at 5:02 AM PST

Wanted: Mac Developers for JDIC

Joshua Marinacci continues his look at JDesktop Integration Components with an overview of the screen saver SaverBeans SDK which "is an incubator project that provides a cross-platform API for accessing the screen, along with a packager tool to produce platform-specific executables. SaverBeans doesn't come with any screensavers, but there is a secondary project where various citizens have posted their own creations." The SaverBeans project as well as the greater JDIC effort could use Mac developers as current support is only provided for Windows, Linux, and Solaris.

In today's Weblogs, Simon Brown asks Where are all the J2EE 1.4 implementations? "It's still relatively early days for J2EE 1.4 in the real world, but compare the number of J2EE 1.4 implementations (6) with the number of J2EE 1.3 implementations (21)."

Mike Duigou writes aboutBig Changes to JXTA Configuration. He explains "The configuration UI no longer downloads the lists of seed Relays and Rendezvous. Instead, you can specify URIs from which to load the seeds and they will be updated dynamically at runtime by the actual relay and rendezvous services as needed. This functionality greatly improves the effectiveness of seeding since it's no longer a one time thing."

In Also
in Java Today
, Scott Seligman and Peter von der Ahé answered reader questions in the recent Java Live chat on New Language Features . Seligman considers possible changes to the Java language that might be two versions out, including "Tighter integration with XML? With scripting languages? More generics information propagated to the runtime? A few small tweaks to make programming more fun? Start thinking about what you want to see, and let us know. We'll be very careful to preserve the overall character of the language -- no changes will be considered if they don't "feel" like Java."

Design patterns aren't just for software. In The Singleton as a Network Management Pattern, Stephen Morris considers the case of needing to have just a single point of entry for a block of functionality, such as a network provisioning server in his example. He solves this by applying the Singleton pattern, making one instance of the service available on the network: "This solves the problem of avoiding multiple instances of the server code - by deploying just one. In other words, the provisioning server is a good candidate for implementation using the Singleton pattern"

In Projects and
, the JavaPedia entry for Aspect-Oriented Programming was the second-most viewed topic last month (according to the stats page) as readers continue to study and discuss this new programming paradigm.

From the Java Enterprise Community comes word of the Application Verification Kit (AVK) Feature Survey, which may be used to improve future versions of the J2EE code-scanning tool. Randomly-selected participants will win a Blueprints book or a Java t-shirt.

What about Method Categories in Java?
In today's Forums Satai suggests "In the Smalltalk language there is a nice feature - Classes and methods can have set a category. In Java classes are divided into packages, but there is lack of method categories. Category has only a documenting meaning, it has no importance for building and running the application. You just say, that the method is, for example, initializing instances. And an other method can be marked as "converting" and anybody now knows, that the method is used to convert the object to any other type or via versa."

Omar_cv recommends making JDO part of mustang. He writes
"with the new advances in JDO 2.0 it seems very compelling to add ADD JDO to Mustang ,I am strongly supporting this to take place keeping in mind that Microsoft is adding object spaces in its next .NET framework."

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Wanted: Mac Developers for JDIC