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Still time to get out the vote

Posted by daniel on November 5, 2004 at 8:54 AM PST

All politics is local - even the JCP.

This continues to be an important time for the Java community. JCP members can and should vote between now and November 15 for committee members for both executive committees. The candidate pool is rich and varied. Consider your alternatives and cast your vote.

In his blog, Onno Kluyt encourages you to vote in the JCP elections. He writes " web site then you'll see quite an interesting and diverse line-up for both ECs. From small to large companies, open source participants and individual developers including one or two well-known bloggers as well :-)"

Candidates for the Standard and Enterprise Edition Executive Committee are Awais Bajwa, Google Inc, John Harby, Intel Corp, JBoss, Inc, JetBrains s.r.o., Novell, Inc., Burc Oral, SeeBeyond Technology Corp., and Hani Suleiman. Candidates for the Micro Edition Executive Committee are Aplix Corporation, Cox Communications, Inc., Intel Corp, Gino Micacchi, Orange France SA, C. Enrique Ortiz, and Telecom Italia.

Roger Brinkley has posted his debut blog entry about JavaHelp in today's Weblogs. Roger is one of the leaders of the Java Desktop community, but has blogged that "JavaHelp(TM) V2.0_02 was released yesterday. This is an update release with new features including a the possibility of using a native/alternate content viewer and support of the GTK Look and Feel."

In Also
in Java Today
, you may not think of JAXP when you think of Micro Edition applications, but they are featured in this developerWorks article on
Web Services APIs for J2ME
. The article covers "typical elements of a JAXP application, the sequence of interactions between JAXP objects, and how to use the JAXP API to parse an input XML document. With JAXP for J2ME, a standard XML parsing API for J2ME is defined, and developers don't have to embed such functions into each of their applications, leaving them with more memory space and time to concentrate on their applications."

ONJava has published a second excerpt from Java Threads, 3rd Edition, in which authors Scott Oaks and Henry Wong look at the problems that can result when concurrent threads create impossible-to-resolve contention with one another: deadlock. In Advanced Synchronization in Java Threads, Part 2, they write: "Deadlock between threads competing for the same set of locks is the hardest problem to solve in any threaded program. It's a hard enough problem, in fact, that it cannot be solved in the general case. Instead, we try to offer a good understanding of deadlock and some guidelines on how to prevent it."

In Projects and
the Jini Community releases a beta version of the Jini Technology Starter Kit, version 2.0.1 beta, which corrects some security issues that require changes to some existing Jini standards.

Java Desktop
community points to Scott Delap's custom layout manager called EdgeLayout that gives each component all the space on its edge.

Should Java Add support for .NET? In today's Forums, Patrik Beno responds "We have to keep the old promises, WORA concept, cross-platform environment, etc because that's what Java is. We should NEVER give up this goal.So, yes I am for "embracing and extending" Windows but this MUST NOT make Java Windows-dependent!"

In what have they done with Java, Kcpeppe writes "Generics do not improve readability. Unfortunately, we'll only learn this after the 'horse left left the barn'."

With respect to Method categories Mike Azzi writes
"Well I, for one, see another interesting use for that besides documentation. I think it can be used in aspect oriented programming, particularly as a way of defining point cuts, where you can say for example, apply this aspect to all methods of a certain category."

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All politics is local - even the JCP.