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Tiger improvements to Java2D

Posted by daniel on November 11, 2004 at 7:51 AM PST

Building on top of OpenGL

In today's Weblogs,
Chris Campbell delivers a very thorough explanation of what's going on
Behind the Graphics2D: The OpenGL-based Pipeline. His post is
designed to "help answer the hot question and explain all the caveats
that developers might encounter when they run their application with
the OpenGL-based pipeline enabled. Even this one (long!) document is
probably not sufficient. There are at least two more topics that I
would like to cover in the near future: a performance comparison of
the OpenGL-based pipeline, and a roadmap describing some of the
features and performance improvements we would like to implement for
it in the future."

Lance Anderson provides a quick guide to href="">
Using Apache Derby with the J2EE SDK . He takes you through
Installing the needed Derby/Cloudscape jar files, Creating Derby
Connection Pools, and Using Derby/Cloudscape with the J2EE SDK CMP

Billy Newport reports back from the 4th International Conference
on Information Technology in Financial Service that href="">
J2EE is alive and well in China. He writes " China is coming on
strongly in IT and, make no mistake, are using and proficient in the
latest software. If the people I met there are anything to go by then
the J2EE and Java will be heavily used in projects in China. The
students are using a wide variety of Java software there including
WebSphere, WSAD, Eclipse, Hibernate, Log4J."

In Also
in Java Today
, end-users expect that they can cut some text
in one application and paste it into another. In href=""> Use Java to Interact
with Your Clipboard, Kulvir Singh Bhogal explains what is
required to get your Java application to behave the way your users
may expect. He shows you how to transfer text and images to and from
your Java application from the clipboard.

Do we really need another approach to Web Services? In his article
Architectural Style
, OCI's Mark Volkmann explains the benefits of
the REpresentational State Transfer approach. He provides an example
of using a simple Java framework for building REST applications and
says "REST can be used as a replacement for SOAP, but not WSDL and
UDDI. WSDL can be used to describe REST request and response
messages. UDDI can be used to catalog and discover REST services. In
fact, for distributed applications that don't require the complexity
of CORBA, EJB and the like, REST can be used as a replacement for
those as well."

In Projects and
, the href="">JavaTools Community
has just released the href="">fourteenth
issue of their community newsletter. This latest installment
includes news of interest to tool developers, a tip for developing
command-line java tools, and updates from community projects.

From the Java Web
Services and XML
community news, Norman Walsh writes that he is
"not convinced
that XML 2.0 is a good idea
. The complete failure of XML 1.1
doesn't leave me very optimistic, but maybe a big change would be more
palatable than an incremental one."

Got a great suggestion for Mustang? In today's href="">Forums,
moderator DenisMo emphasizes that he agrees with "what Tim said - go
vote on them
. Whenever you see the RFE or Bug that you are
interested in seeing in the next release, please, don't hesitate, GO
vote for it."

Need links to other date time projects? ScoleBourne writes "For
completeness, here are the links of datetime projects I know about
[description in full post]: href="">,

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Building on top of OpenGL