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Welcome to the Portlet Community

Posted by daniel on November 23, 2004 at 5:34 AM PST

J2EE based portals, JSR 168, and WSRP

In today's
, Navaneeth Krishnan announces the new href="">Portlet
community. He says that it "is an online community of developers
and technical experts working on JSR 168, WSRP and other
technologies related to enterprise portals." He hopes to create a
repository of open source portlets and couple that with the
sharing of information among portlet developers.

In other weblogs, what if invalid patents were a form of fraud?
That's Ken Arnold's question in href="">
Self-enforcing Patent Sanity. He explains that he models his suggestion "on
"whistle-blower" laws that encourage private citizens to ferret out
fraud against the government by giving successful ferreters a chunk of
the recovered money. This means that the gov't itself doesn't have to
do anything to ensure that a bunch of investigators are always looking
for fraud against it. If someone has a good case, the perps pay the
investigator. And it also keeps the number of frivolous fraud suits
down, because a frivolous fraud suit gets you nothing."

Jayson Falkner answers the question href="">
Help me make code that is a webapp, uses a DB, and is
secure. "What are the things I should keep in mind when making a
secure website? This particular question was from a person who was
considering using Java or Python, but the important stuff really
doesn't rely on a particular programming language. If you are green,
take a peek. If you know your stuff, fill in what I missed."

In Also
in Java Today
, the newly launched href=""> Portlet community
features an introduction by Navaneeth to href="">
Inter-portlet communication. He shows how to use
PortletSession and PortletContext to allow
portlets to communicate with each other in a spec compliant way. He
also raises the issue of coupling unrelated portals.

Some of the new features in Tiger are in the
utility classes that you use without revisiting. In the Core Java Tech
Tip href="">What's
new in Math class you will be introduced to the new hyperbolic
trigonometry methods sinh(), cosh(), and tanh(). Also added are a new
cube root method cbrt(), a base ten logarithm log10(), and a method
for calculating the square root of the sum of the squares of two
numbers hypot().

In Projects and
, Daniel Brookshier blogs about href="">
New projects in Education and Learning Community . Additions
include resources for learning Tapestry, e-learning software, how-tos
for Linux system admin, and a meeting oriented personal organizer.

The Jini Community
project JGrid offers a
grid-computing framework that uses Jini to discover and coordinate
grid participants. The project was recently featured in href="">an
ECRIM News article, which notes that JGrid supports wide-area
discovery to find grid services on the internet.

parts of Java should be developed by Sun and what parts by the
community? In today's href=""> Forums
cowwoc writes "Sun might want to consider publicizing its own "wish
list" of things it would like the community to step in and develop --
as opposed to things the community would like Sun to step in and
develop. We should draw a clear line between things only Sun can
develop (core Java stuff, legal issues, etc) and stuff that the
open-source community can develop. The wish-list should consist of
"things that are vital to the future of Java" and then we'd prioritize
the issues and categorize them as 'Sun will handle this' or 'The
community will handle this'. "

Dondi_Imperial writes "I want to see Java be the first (i think)
mainstream programming language to treat functions as first class
. I think now that java 5 supports dynamic instrumentation this
will be possible (easy?) to implement, this in a type safe manner, in

In today's
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J2EE based portals, JSR 168, and WSRP