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What are you doing?

Posted by daniel on November 12, 2004 at 7:46 AM PST

Choose a shade of grey

You may spend your time in more than one area of Java, but we
thought we would ask in our poll this week href="">Are you primarily a J2ME, J2SE, or
J2EE developer. Like all polls, we recognize that this one is
flawed. You can't work in J2EE without also being a J2SE developer. If
you are working on enterprise apps using only J2SE APIs, then what are
you? Rather than shave this thinly and offer many different possible
responses, we wanted to keep the options simple. What do you consider
yourself to be. If you want to add your comments to explain your
choice, please do so.

Alex Toussaint reports on new toys to play with in his blog href="">Things
to do. Services to use in today's href=""> Weblogs. He points, in
particular, to the Amazon Simple Queue Service which is currently free
but will probably carry a charge in the future.

Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart reports that href="">JWSDP
1.5 is out. He writes "My favorite two additions are a
brand-new implementation of StAX and a new, FCS, version of the XML
Web Services Security."

Jonathan Simon passes on the news that href="">Sun's
MP3 Plugin released. In addition, the plugin "works with JMF as
well as JavaSound. Apprently, this was blessed by Sun as they solved
whatever legal issues were pressing."

In Also
in Java Today
, in a feature from href="">, Bilal
Siddiqui continues his long-running web services security series in
XML Signatures in WSS4J. In this fifth installment, he discusses
six WSS signature tokens and offers Java implementations of five of

You can download and play with a beta of the 3D environment href="">Croquet and wander around and
explore on your own. You can also take a quick trip through the new
immersive environment with the, still in progress, href="">Croquet Tutorial.

In Projects and
, the href="">NetBeans Community
home page has an announcement of a href="">NetBeans
IDE 4.1 Chat on SDN scheduled for Tuesday, November 16,
featuring Senior Product Manager, Larry Baron, Technical Lead,
Ludovic Champenois, and Engineering Manager, Petr Jiricka.

An item in a recent href="">Gentoo
Linux newsletter may be of interest to the href=""> Linux Community:
Gentoo's Java team has seen a significant upturn in bugs and feature
requests and is putting out a call for experienced J2EE developers.
Volunteers can contact Karl Trygve
or the Gentoo
recruiters team

A couple of suggestions for String in today's href="">Forums
SPetrucci suggests that we " href="">Add
a non static version of String.format(...) to the String class. That
would allow to replace :

int i=1; String s = String.format("%d",
with :int i=1;String s = "%d".format(i);"

Monika_Krug writes that "The href="">String.substring(int)
method should permit negative indices. myString.substring(-3) should
return the same as myString.substring(myString.length()-3) i.e. the
last three characters. [..] With unnamed calculated Strings one has to
assign the String to a temporary variable just to be able to get the
last n characters."

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Choose a shade of grey