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Friday Fun

Posted by daniel on December 17, 2004 at 6:47 AM PST

Last call for Duke on holiday pics.

We've gotten some nice submissions for our Duke on Holiday feature. If you want to take a picture or create an animation, send your creations our way. Here are the submission details.

Craig Castelaz is having a bit of fun himself
n today's Weblogs. He writes Noted Cocoa Programmer Contemplates Switch to Java. Craig looks at Apple (and NS) development from a north pole perspective.

Vincent Brabant has been reporting back from Javapolis this week with posts from many of the sessions. In Javapolis 4: Real Time Java he reports that he thought "You can't garantee Real Time when you use applications based upon JVM having a Garbage Collector that can suspend your thread at any moment, and for somes time (it may be short, but always too long for Real Time Application)." The real time pendulum demonstration has helped him reconsider.

In Also in Java Today , if you want to open-source your Java work, you'll have to decide which of the many open-source licenses to release your work under. As Stephen Fishman's ONLamp article Open Source Licenses Are Not All the Same notes: "It's vital for any programmer, web designer, or other computer professional to understand that open source licenses are not all the same. The differences between licenses can have a big impact on how you may use or distribute the software." He goes on to characterize licenses based on the presence and strength of their "copyleft" provisions and what the practical considerations of all such licenses are.

The OTN series on Mastering J2EE Applications continues with Building more Usable Software by Jonathan Boutelle and Rashmi Sinha. "Although usability is an important quality of software systems, usability typically isn't addressed until the end of the development process. Usability professionals evaluate users' subjective reactions and use of working systems, and then give developers a laundry list of changes—some of which can be easily incorporated into the existing design, but many of which may be prohibitively expensive."

In Projects and
, the Portlet Community page has a link to the Web Services Journal article Building a Portal Using Web Services, which describes the standards problem that portlets aims to solve and how to analyze, assemble, and deploy a portlet-based web service solution.

Friends of the Java Games Community, new research suggests, Java mobile downloads will produce revenues of over US$4.8 billion by 2009, with games responsible for most of the growth. The Juniper Research study also predicts Java will remain the dominant platform for mobile applications through at least 2009.

In today's
Rick Carson writes "I don't like the NullObject pattern. I can see why people like it (makes code shorter, less thinking, etc). I program very very defensively. I *like* to have lots of checks for nulls all over the place. Typically they will spit out some form of abuse to the command line, and we will catch it and fix it in development."

Kelly O'Hair continues to respond to questions about the build, saying " We have already made some changes with regards to the newer compiler detecting some C++ standard issues in hotspot, these changes will be in one of the builds coming up. Our plan is to make the first step converting to the new compiler, allowing use of the older compiler for a time, then try and move to the free compiler. But this will take several builds to get done. "

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Last call for Duke on holiday pics.