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Holiday pictures

Posted by daniel on December 10, 2004 at 9:55 AM PST

Back from London with a snapshot to share - send in yours.

Kimmy-the-wonderwife and I and most of our luggage returned from
London last night. We spent most of this week with the Jini team and
Jini and JavaSpaces developers at the eighth Jini Community
Meeting. First of all, there is something about Jini technology that
seems to attract a diverse group of exceptionally bright people who
are fairly open about what they are working on (to the extent they are
allowed to be) and interested in sharing ideas with others. I feel
energized and once the ideas bubbling up every where settle down a
bit, I will share some of the highlights from the conference with you.

We have a week left for you to submit your pictures of Duke on
vacation for this year's href="">Holiday
Pictures feature. I'm sure I saw Duke and family crossing Abbey Road.

Actually, our graphic designer Miky Vacik produced that for us last
year. Send in your creative and tasteful Duke on holiday shot between
now and next Friday.

You can actually tell that the Abbey Road shot is dated as there
are no Starbucks in the background. This is not a shot at Starbucks,
but it was a bit sad to travel to London and see so many American
icons. In the US you used to be able to travel to a different area of
the country and see regional or local stores that were special to that
destination. Now it seems as if you see the same stores everywhere in
the US. It was disappointing to see this beginning to happen
internationally as well. As the holiday season approaches, try to shop
local and "buy where you browse" (as Tim O'Reilly says), and preserve
the local stores that make your neighborhood special.

Finally, thanks again to Chris Adamson for producing the daily blog
and editing the site while I was gone.

In today's Weblogs,
Calvin Austin's href="">
Mastering Mustang blog entry invites you to "Find your way around
the mustang snapshots with this first part of an ongoing series."

Kathy Sierra has been thinking about Brett McLaughlin's posts on
the coolness of Java. In href="">
Does it really matter if your tool is cool? She asks " Is 'picking
the right tool for the job' truly the responsible approach? Is wanting
your tools to be cool really a sign of immaturity? Can we and *should*
we still be passionate about Java?"

Navaneeth Krishnan has been thinking about your online identity and
single sign on. He has put his thoughts into his entry href="">Network
Identity, Liberty Alliance and Identity Enabled Portals

In Also in
Java Today
, Michael Pilone writes that " a Java application
that utilizes a combination of the JVM design and the Win32 operating
system does not allow temp files to be deleted if they are open at
exit. As a result, the application dumps temporary files on the user's
system and never cleans them up." In href="">Managing Temp Files in
Java Apps he shows you how and why he "created a class,
TempFileManager, to handle the creation of temporary files as well as
the cleanup of existing files"

ONJava is featuring a book excerpt from href="">SWT: A
Developer's Notebook, in which Tim Hatton presents the Standard
Widget Toolkit, the GUI framework that is the basis of Eclipse and,
increasingly, other Java desktop applications. In href="">Creating
Toolbars Using SWT, he says "the SWT provides you with everything
you need to create sophisticated toolbars, something your users will
expect in almost every application you deliver." The chapter develops
a fully-responsive toolbar, with separators, tooltips, and radio- and
check-style buttons.

In Projects and
, learn more about the href="">Java Desktop
Community's Project Looking
in an article about href="">Its
Architecture and a Sneak Preview of the API.

The JXTA community has
updated their JXTA Demos
page. Open source offerings include Shell, myJXTA, and JXTA Net
Map. Commercial demos are LeanOnMe and ZIM pro.

Follow the thread on href="">
Makes switch() and case: work with any object or primitive in
. Bruce Chapman begins with an example that shows
"This is getting close to the situation where I would appreciate an
enhanced switch. In particular I would like a construct that branches
on instance type and refines the type inside the construct."

JZacker does not want to see an additional check keyword saying
"In my humble opinion, you should be using exceptions instead of doing
all these checks. If you try to perform some operation on an object,
and that object cannot support the operation because it is in some
'invalid' state, then the object should throw a declared exception."

With respect to href="">
Support distributing shared libraries as resources Coxcu writes
"Aside from the complexity of writing the code, JNI also doesn't have
any good deployment options. Sounds, images, etc.. can be resources,
but there is no easy way to distribute native libraries as
resources. Not only should the code be easier to write, but it should
be easier to deploy."

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Back from London with a snapshot to share - send in yours.