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Please release Alameda - let it go

Posted by daniel on December 16, 2004 at 5:46 AM PST

Searching for Watson

Thanks to the site for the reminder that Watson in Java - 3 months later - still missing. Click on the link to see a screen shot of where the project was when we last heard about it.

One huge niche that this application fills is that it could be an attractive and performant Swing application that is widely adopted and used by end users. The Swing team can preach forever that Swing is powerful and enables the development of great looking great performing desktop apps - but a product is worth a thousand press releases. It would be nice if Sun would either continue development on Alameda, hire a contractor and put him or her on the job, open source it on, or some combination of these.

Note - you have til the end of Friday to send in your Duke holiday pictures.

In today's Weblogs, Graham Hamilton explains why he is Moving to NetBeans 4.0. In the interest of full disclosure, many of the bloggers and feedback items talking about adopting NetBeans are from Sun employees, but Hamilton writes "tended to take a certain recalcitrant joy in having a direct, simple relationship with my source code, without any uppity tools getting in the way." You can feel his sincerity and enthusiasm when he writes he has "now finalized moving all my personal development, including various personal projects at home, over to NetBeans 4.0. It is making me more productive, without undermining my sense of direct interaction with the source code."

John O'Connor writes about Localizing MyJxta2 . He notes that the MyJXTA developer took his advice about separating "his UI text from his core source code and placed the key/value pairs into a PropertyResourceBundle. This allows you, the user community, to localize the product into your language, whether that language be Spanish, German, French, or ..." Now O'Connor suggests next steps for localization.

In Also in Java Today , the transcript of Scott Violet and Shannon Hickey's November online chat What's new in Swing is online. They present a look at what is new in Tiger for Swing as well as answer a great deal of questions about future releases. Although they are not making any commitments, they have a wish list for 6.0 that they share.

Jonathan Knudsen writes that the SATSA Developer's Guide is published
The guide describes how to use the Security and Trust Services APIsin MIDP applications. It includes lucid explanations and
example code that illustrate how to communicate with a smart
card and how to use cryptographic services. It is based on
the SATSA Reference Implementation 1.0. The book is available
and PDF (264KB).

In Projects and
, check out the most recent additions to the GELC. Chinook is a peer-to-peer (P2P) bioinformatics service to facilitate exchange of analysis techniques. Sheepasleep aims "to create various neural networks that will help categorize poems after their authors."

The JavaPedia page on UML describes this technology which " provides a standardized notation for modeling object-oriented information systems. " You will find links to half a dozen products, a series of introductory articles, and web sites that list books and that provide a dictionary of UML terms.

Eric Meade expresses his appreciation for Refactoring to Patterns
in today's
. "I can remember ... way back in the day ... when Joshua was first starting Refactoring to Patterns and I used to argue with Joshua "Don't teach the patterns, just teach the principles that lead to the patterns" it didn't take me long to change my tune. Then I was hounding him "When are you gonna get that book out? We need that book out." Now I suspect that this will be one of the three most important books an Object Oriented developer can read. Thank you Joshua."

RegExGuy suggests that "It would be nice if we could deploy webstart jars using a version number only -- and have it not depend on the server. So if I make a jar and sign it I can allow it to be distributed from a variety of places without duplicating the file in the user's cache."

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Searching for Watson