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Three for the holidays

Posted by daniel on December 23, 2004 at 11:11 AM PST

Front page changes from now til the new year

You'll notice that we've changed the front page today. We've added three new features in the right column and changed the center column to highlight recent blogs and forum postings. We'll pick back up with our "Also in Java Today" features and "Projects and Community" features in the new year, but for now we're turning the site over to you.

Check out the reader submissions for this year's Holiday Pictures. This year's submissions include Duke on an Indian elephant and Duke tumbling over the hills in Scotland.

Greg Wilson has looked at the latest crop of programming books and come up with a list of Ten for the Holidays . Greg's list is pretty varied - use the talkback to add your suggestions to his.

Elisabeth and Eric Freeman have put together a Holiday Party Guide to Patterns. This quickstart guide might get you through the holiday parties making small talk about Factories and Singletons - but you might want to add their Head First Design Patterns to your shopping list.

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Front page changes from now til the new year