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What about a track?

Posted by daniel on December 21, 2004 at 7:00 AM PST

As long as the JavaOne Call for Papers hasn't gone out yet . . .

It's been a week since Chet Haase asked if we have any suggestions for this year's JavaOne - here's mine. Create a track and let us fill it. We could create sub-tracks for our communities (Jini, JXTA, Games, Desktop, JSR, JUG, . . .) and highlight the cool open source projects featured on the site. There is a ton of Java development that is evidence of innovation happening elsewhere that we could help highlight.

In addition. before the JavaOne conference we could begin with a community meeting/work session/hack-a-thon and a show and tell. On the morning of the first day the community leaders would meet together with project leaders who are present and work out ways in which the community can better represent the projects and attract more projects to their corner of the site. The afternoon of the first day through the evening of the second day, people who are widely distributed could work together on projects culminating in a show-and-tell at the annual community reception. Imagine the Mustang team hosting a bug bashing day and a half. What about the various JSR's working to resolve issues in an intensive two day meeting? A project which seems to be stalled, suddenly gets a solid day and a half of developer time because the team is away from their day job and co-located?


More about the Netbeans 4.0 release
In today's
Weblogs Tim Boudreau writes " NetBeans 4.0 is out! I spent the day it was released doing a talk at Javapolis showcasing a bunch of the cool stuff in NetBeans 4.0 and coming in the next release, like support for generics and enums (code completion and all), Ant-based projects (your Ant script is your project). Mobility support, and the integrated JFluid profiler coming out soon. "

In Also in Java Today , Rick Proctor writes that "One of the most basic network programming tasks you’ll likely face as a Java programmer is performing socket functions [..] to create a network client that talks to a server via a socket connection [ or ] to create a server that listens for socket connections." In Sockets: Basic Client-Server Programming in Java he introduces you to setting up a simple client and a simple server. Before you reach for that high level abstraction, consider whether you might be better served with a simple socket.

The desire to relate XML documents is a natural one, and if you use XML Schema, it's fairly straightforward with the Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB). In Generating an XML Document with JAXB, Deepak Vohra shows how to create Java classes from XML Schema, and how to create XML documents from those classes.

In Projects and
, Chris Mellisinos, of the Java Games community, blogs about the Quality of Life in Software Development. He responds to a post that describes "80+ hour weeks, no overtime pay, no vacation time and no bonus pay, among other things."

The Java WS/XML Community page is linking to: Concern Over Web Services Patent Sale, which concerns the auctioning of web services-related patents. Some fear the company may try to seek royalties from technology that the patents' original owner invited the industry to use freely.

BillyH reponds to a request for a Reinstall opetion in the weekly builds.
In today's
. "We have implemented the reinstallation option for both the jre and the jdk, and it is scheduled be a part of Mustang b18 and later snapshots. Mustang builds prior to b18 will still have to be manually uninstalled before installing the new ones. But once b19 comes out, it have an option to auto-uninstall b18 and install b19 automatically. This will also be the case going forward with all Mustang builds."

RegExGuy tries to make sense of the relationship between packages and subpackages. "I've always found it odd/unintuitive that subpackages have no; is unrelated;. Intuitively, it seems to me, should be in foo and should be able to access its package local members. I don't know if this will address the desire that some people have for the "friend" keyword."

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As long as the JavaOne Call for Papers hasn't gone out yet . . .