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What is an object

Posted by daniel on December 22, 2004 at 7:13 AM PST

Making sense of the ideas we all understand

Jim Waldo keynoted the eighth Jini Community meeting. He follows up with his piece Thinking about objects in which he asks "is there a notion of object which is independent of the language in which one is programming?"

In his talk, Waldo began with a diagram that showed an Object as being a combination of state and code. Then he corrected the image to display and object and a class descriptor which points to code. Finally, he corrected the image to suit the Java model as state and a pointer to a class loader which loads the appropriate code.

Waldo has prepared for the objection "but we already know about this" in his opening where he mentions the great books that he regularly revisits (in this case "The Mythical Man Month" and Socrates' "Apology"). In many ways, many people who have not programmed in more than one language, have not thought deeply about the differences under the surface. Waldo intends to continue this series.

Also in Projects and
, for the ultimate skunk works tale, take time to read Ron Avitzur's The Graphing Calculator Story. What would you do to make sure a cool or canceled product ships anyway.

James Gosling takes a look back at the past year in his entry Merry Christmas Everyone in today's Weblogs. He has also provided an animated Christmas greeting.

Crazy Bob Lee recommends The Gift that Keeps on Giving . "Treat yourself this holiday season to a copy of Mike Clark's Pragmatic Project Automation. I love this book. Congratulations to the Pragmatic Programmers for this addition to the series and more importantly to the team. I'm already looking forward to future installments."

Also, Steve Mallett announces that is Back - Now Mobile .

In Also in Java Today , a typical b2b requirement is to determine what business processes your trading partner exposes and exchange messages with the partner to complete a trade. This is one of the goals of ebXML, which is a very broad integration initiative that captures a number of concerns common to all e-businesses. dev2dev has just published Introduction to ebXML which includes an overview of the various specifications in the ebXML standard. Pair that with the Introduction to RosettaNet. RosettaNet is quite focussed on particular business areas, such as supply chain automation. One of the interesting aspects of RosettaNet is its Partner Interface Processes - which provide a very detailed specification of how parties engaged in an operation should interoperate, and what data should be exchanged.

Elliotte Rusty Harold, author of Java Network Programming, 3rd Edition took a few minutes recently to talk with ONJava's editor about recent developments in Java networking, including IPv6, multicast, bugs and mis-features, and his hopes for an open-source Java, sooner rather than later. All this and more can be found in the interview, A Distributed Discussion with Elliotte Rusty Harold.

Bruce Chapman responds to a question on subpackages
in today's
. "Notwithstanding the legalities, you can break this already if you want (and your lawyer will let you)
package java.lang;
class MyClass { /** access java.lang package private stuff */}

Krillcool writes "I have noticed that these two items (6201802 and 6201814) are in the release notes of b16 (and flagged as closed in BugParade). The problem here is that i expected to see the changes in the b16 itself (just as 5089312 was fixed in b15 and i have confirmed that it was there). May be you should postpone adding such items to release notes until the version that contains them comes out."

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Making sense of the ideas we all understand