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Breaking resolutions

Posted by daniel on January 31, 2005 at 9:15 AM PST

Deadline for JavaOne proposals is here

Harry Anderson used to end his act by reminding his audience
"Never eat at a place called Mom's, and never play cards with a guy
called Pop." I had simpler rules that included not taking two women
out on the same date and not waiting until the last day to
submit session proposals for conferences. This weekend I broke both of

Believe it or not, the second one is more of a problem at
home. Kimmy-the-wonderwife spent much of last week explaining to our
eight year old why she shouldn't wait until the day before her project
was due to do all the work. I listened to the lectures all week,
blissfully ignoring the parallels to my own situation and here I am
the morning of the last day on which proposals will be accepted for
this year's JavaOne conference without having submitted any of

The Call for
closes January 31, 2005. I'm not seeing it now on the site,
but I thought the cut off was midnight PST. All weekend friends have pinged me on IM asking me to read their
proposals and offering to read mine. I would love to see a bar chart
showing the number of submissions each day since the call for papers
went live. I'm guessing there is a big spike today.

As for the date with two women... this weekend was the
father-daughter dance for the Girl Scouts in our home town. I had the
pleasure of escorting my two daughters to an evening of dancing and
snacks. Being a dad is just the best. Now back to proposing a BOF with
a guy named Pop at a breakfast meeting at a diner named Mom's.

In Also
in Java Today
, Richard Mansfield's DevX article href="">OOP is Much Better in
Theory Than in Practice contained provocative statements such as
"For many programmers, OOP is almost always far more trouble than it's
worth." DevX readers were provoked and respond in support and in
opposition to the points raised in the article in the follow up piece
Riled Readers
Respond to Restive OOP Rejection

Debu Panda's href="">An
Introduction to Service-Oriented Architecture from a Java Developer
Perspective looks at the growing concept of service-oriented
architectures, which borrows Jini's dynamic traits (runtime discovery
and use of services with published interfaces), but exchanges Jini's
Java-based service description for XML and SOAP, which brings non-Java
participants to the table. The idea is catching on because, according
to the author, " service-oriented architecture (SOA) is popular
because it lets you reuse applications and it promises
interoperability between heterogeneous applications and technologies."

Two Notes: (1) You have until Monday
night to submit your proposals for JavaOne. (2) The projects side of will be down for up to 18 hours on February 2, 2005 for a
tools update.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi shares tips on href="">
Controlling iTunes from Java: a better Java/COM integration with
Tiger in today's Weblogs
. "Annotation in J2SE 5.0 gives library developers a new
degree of freedom in designing. I used it to make Java/COM bridging

In Projects and
, with today (1/31/05) the deadline for submitting
session proposals for href="">JavaOne 2005,
the leaders of the Java
Tools Community
are asking those who are making proposals related
to Tools community projects href=" ">send them an e-mail
with the project name and what the proposal is about.

According to the Mac Java
, "Apple Developer Connection is sponsoring a free
two-day href="">Java
on Mac OS X training session in Singapore on March 1-2. The
syllabus includes Java on the command-line, integrating Java and
Cocoa, and developing web applications with XCode, JBoss, and Tomcat."

Tackline writes about href="">
Generic "this" ("self") method return type in today's href="">
Forums. "You can do some similar with only 1.5
facilities. Give the base class a generic parameter that represents
a type "like this". Either cast this, or return the return value of
an abstract "get this"/self method. [..code in full post ]
Personally, I'd prefer a notation that allows a chain of method
invocations on a single expression."

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Deadline for JavaOne proposals is here