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End user programming

Posted by daniel on January 11, 2005 at 7:44 AM PST

The promise of Java Beans

Remember the idea that Java Beans would be like little components
that we could wire together the way you wired electrical components
together into circuits that would light lights and ring bells? I'm not
talking about the developer centric components and the reusable
libraries and frameworks. I'm talking about beans and something like
the Bean Box on steroids that could be used as a learning tool with
students or a productivity tool with adults.

Think user friendly Unix pipes. Think small components that the
end-users can wire together for workflow. End-users - not
programmers. Maybe Java's role is to be invisible - but I think if end
users had positive hands-on experience with the technology, our job
might be easier. We've got nine months to get consumer Java products
ready for next year's holiday season - what do you think?

Kirill Grouchnikov asks whether we've been looking at open source
with rose colored glasses. In today's href=""> Weblogs , he writes href="">
Open source - the curse of the abundance. " Is too much open
source bad for the field? Without proper precautions, open source may
be headed towards oblivion. "

Bob Lee lists his href="">Last
Minute MacWorld Keynote Predictions and Daniel Brookshier gets you
up to date href="">
New Projects at GELC for January, 10 2005.

Pete Kirkham adds to the
Re: Best Threads and Ideas - Summary (by Topic)
in today's href="">
Forums. "Often you want immutablity at the interface level, but the implementation caches state for performance reasons. Having the compiler enforce that all fields of an immutable class are final prevents this (maybe mark them with transient in lieu of a mutable keyword). "

Jeff Sutor responds to href="">Re:
BCEL used in JDK? "BCEL is used internally by XSLTC to "compile"
XSLT stylesheets into bytecodes for execution. all interfaces are
internal: com/sun/org/apache/bcel/internal/...and not exposed as
public. it is not used as part of the build process."

In Also
in Java Today
, ONJava's pair of yearender articles concludes
with href="">ONJava
2004 in Review: Editor's Choice, which looks back as some of the
particularly eye-catching articles of 2004, both both in terms of
covering significant material and in terms of bringing new ideas to
light in the form of ONJava articles, like measuring the performance
ot Tomcat in various clustering scenarios, teaching Java without the
syntax, and adding to the language by combining aspect-oriented
programming with J2SE 5.0 attributes.

The Core Java Tech tip href="">Scanning
Text with java.util.scanner show how this newly added class makes
it easier to read and parse strings and primitive types using regular
expressions. The tip contrasts how you would write code to accomplish
the same task with and without the Scanner class.

In Projects and
, in this week's project spotlight you'll find href=""> OS Cache, "A caching
solution that includes a JSP tag library and set of classes to perform
fine grained dynamic caching of JSP content, servlet responses or
arbitrary objects"

Join the Java Live chat on href="">
Jini , an open architecture that allows you to build a dynamic,
flexible network of services with Jini technology architect, Bob
Scheifler, and product marketing manager, Jennifer Kotzen. January 11,
11:00 A.M. PST.

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The promise of Java Beans