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Generic Examples Needed

Posted by daniel on January 13, 2005 at 7:22 AM PST

Help provide test cases

Eugene Kuleshov has asked for examples of projects which make
heavy use of generics. He has written about href="">
Using the ASM Toolkit for Bytecode Manipulation. He asks "We are
doing some testing for ASM 2.0 API and need to capture as many
variations of Java5 generics for our test cases. So, I was trying to
find some kind of list of projects that are heavily using generics."

If you have or know of a good example of a project on or elsewhere, please post a link in the feedback to this blog. Thank you.

In today's Weblogs ,
Joshua Marinacci has hope for Java developers in his post href="">
Apple's latest efforts are the triumph of software over hardware.
His thesis is that Apple's hardware isn't so special - that it's the
software that sets it apart.

Monika Krug has been active in the Mustang forums. She blogs on the
discussion on href="">
A "protected-private" keyword? " One of the features requested in
the Mustang forum was a modifier that would allow a member variable to
be inherited as if it were protected, but not to be accessed by the
other classes from the package. Here is how to achieve the same with

Daniel Brookshier announces the href="">
Project Graduation of ienjinia . " If you cut your teeth on an
Apple or similar computer and learned a bit of Java, you have all you
need to help tutor your kids Project IENJINIA has graduated from the
Global Education and Learning Community's incubator and is now in the
tools for teaching area of the GELC. Read on for more info on this
newly graduated project in the Global Education and Learning Community

Planning JavaOne 2005
forum launches in today's href="">
Forums. "What is it that makes you want to attend JavaOne?
What would you like to see there this year? What topics interest you?
What types of talks are the best?If you have an idea for a session you
would like to present yourself, please submit your proposal by January
31 at the Call for Papers page on the JavaOne site. Otherwise, please
let us know via the forum what types of talks others can put together
that would make the conference that much better for you."

In Also
in Java Today
,Pawel Kalczynsk has written a paper
illustrating href=""> A Java
Implementation of the Branch and Bound Algorithm for the Traveling
Salesman Problem with asymmetric cost matrix. "The Traveling Salesman
Problem (TSP) is a graph theory problem of finding the shortest path a
salesman can take through each of n cities visiting each city only
once. This path is also referred to as the most efficient Hamiltonian
circuit." To understand the asymmetric version Pawel suggests you
"imagine a mailman who works in the mountains and must visit all his
customers in the shortest time. Each element of the cost matrix cij
represents the time it takes to get from home i to home j. Depending
on whether he goes uphill or downhill, the traveling time between the
two homes may be significantly different."

Nathan Tippy's
Introduction to Apache JAMES
shows you what the Java Apache Mail
Enterprise Server version 2.2.0 can do "out of the box". "The
spoolmanager represents the heart of the Email processing platform. It
is defined in the config.xml file and provides a mechanism for
defining business rules using Mailets, Matchers and processes. All new
Email will be spooled up and processed by the next available
spoolmanager thread. [..] Mailets are used to modify or act upon
Email messages. A Mailet is very similar to a Servlet. It has familiar
methods such as init, service and destroy which function in a similar
manner. [..] Matchers are used to filter or select specific Email
messages. A Matcher will be used to direct Emails to a specific
Mailet. Matchers are passed the entire Email message but should never
modify it."

In Projects and
, Take the beta
of the revised Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2
Platform, Standard Edition 5.0 exam for $49 between January 13 and
February 13, 2005. Look for Sun exam 311-055.

In Choose your
XML binding framework wisely
, Kirill Grouchnikov builds on
previous posts to summarize and contrast the benefits of ten

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Help provide test cases