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Getting more pie

Posted by daniel on January 14, 2005 at 6:01 AM PST

Addressing fixed resources

In Also
in Java Today
, Kevin Shockey writes his href=""> Management Hack #2 -
Understanding the Pie Metaphor. When he asks for more needed
resources, he's tired of hearing that there is only a fixed "pie" and
that if his piece increases someone else's must necessarilly
decrease. His theory is that if you can grow the size of the pie and
convince those in power of your role in increasing the size of the pie
that you will be able to secure more resources.

Of course, there are managers who counter that you've been able to
increase your productivity and the company's profit with your current
resources so there is no need to increase anything other than bonuses
for management. In any case, he has some concrete suggestions - what
do you think?

ONJava recently re-ran the article href="">Working
with Hibernate in Eclipse by James Elliot, author
of Hibernate: A Developer's Notebook. In it, he
investigates the "Hibernate Synchronizer", an Eclipse plug-in that
lets you create and edit your object-relational mapping in an Eclipse
GUI, then manages several implementation classes for you, changing
them automatically as you change the mapping, ensuring that the
mapping class exposed to you won't suddenly change out from under you.

Simon Brown isn't sure of the need for href="">
JSP Tag Library for Web Services. In today's href=""> Weblogs , he writes " A new
JSR has been created that proposes to build a JSP Tag Library for Web
Services and while I think that standard tag libraries are great, I'm
not convinced about the need to access web services directly from JSP

John Mitchell has two blogs today. In href="">
It's about about the language he writes " Software development is
all about creating and manipulating languages. We ignore that at our
own peril." His second blog is featured in Projects and Communities.

Chet Haase reminds you of our recently launched JavaOne
forum. In href="">
JavaOne: What do you want to see? he writes "There's a new forum
in town: Planning JavaOne 2005. Participate in the discussions and
tell us how we can help craft the conference to suit your needs."

You'll find two posts by Kelly O'Hair on building J2SE in today's href="">
Forums. First, he wants to know if you are
building J2SE, "The J2SE build instructions are posted here: href="">
We know this is not an easy machine setup procedure and we are
currently working on making this easier. Windows is unfortunately the
hardest machine to setup, so our efforts are focusing on Windows
setup/build issues. Expect separate posts on these efforts. We'd like
to know who has actually tried (successfully or not) to setup or build
the J2SE, and we like to hear from you what went well or not so well."

He also writes on href="">
Upcoming Build Change: java_g -> debug/bin/java. "The java_g
executable has a long history but is being phased out so that
developers can have more flexibility in mixing and matching product
(optimized versions) and debug components of the J2SE. The '_g' naming
convention often prevents certain teams from testing their own debug
versions inside a product installation tree, or doing any kind of
mix and match of product and debug versions of libraries.?

In Projects and
, the href="">Java Tools community
has released the href="">21st
issue of its community newsletter. This edition spotlights
projects that have recently joined the community, and features novel
tools being developed as projects in the community.

John Mitchell reports back from MacWorld in his blog href="">
MacWorld 2005: Boom and Bust. He looks at some of the products
announced in Steve Jobs' Tuesday keynote and ends with comments on the
lag time in J2SE 5.0 on the Mac.

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Addressing fixed resources