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More than a dream

Posted by daniel on January 17, 2005 at 12:55 PM PST

The need for a more representative sample

Yolanda King, daughter of the man we are remembering today in the
U.S., said "my father made more than one speech." Martin Luther King,
Jr. is often remembered here for his href="">I have a dream
speech. As memorable, as finely crafted, and as well-delivered that
speech was, King went on to deliver powerful speeches in the
subsequent five years. Many of them, although they were delivered
nearly forty years ago, could be applied to the current U.S. economic
and political situation. We remember people and events by taking a
sample which may not be representative.

In honor of the holiday today, I tried to get editor Chris Adamson to rename his piece on
Streaming media "I have a Stream". In href=""> Also in Java
, Java applications often fail to take advantage of
available media helper libraries. QuickTime for Java provides an
object-oriented wrapper around the native QuickTime library on Mac and
Windows. The article href="">Streaming
QuickTime with Java shows you how to use Java to set up a
streaming media server, supporting any of the various QuickTime
codecs, including MPEG-4, Sorenson Video 3, H. 263, and more. If
you're interested in Java Media, watch for O'Reilly's upcoming book href="">QuickTime for
Java: A Developer's Notebook.

If you are looking to get href="">
Started with Java Management Extensions (JMX), Qusay Mahmoud
"provides a fast track technical tutorial to JMX. It discusses JMX and
its tiered architecture, the JMX programming model, and code
demonstrating how to use JMX to develop management applications. In
addition, the article shows how to use a JMX-compliant management tool
in the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 5.0 (J2SE 5.0), which has
implemented version 1.2 of the JMX specification."

N. Alex Rupp points out "One aspect of the web that Java doesn't
really seem to intersect with is virus and spyware combat." in
today's Weblogs . In his
post href="">
Beating Back The Spyrus Blooms he writes "it's one of our
lesser-toted privileges. Nevertheless, it's what I do with the
majority of my waking life this winter. Combatting spyrus blooms, IRC
botnets, scraping barnacles off of the hulls of old XP machines, and
training an army of electromechanical crime fighters who can peel
spyruses out of a machine faster than any antivirus software can."

Jonathan Simon points to href="">
A death march to the tune of 1/2 billion dollars and US national
security"We've been at this software game for some time now. We
should be able to get it right by now. But we don't. Even when its
major taxpayer money and national security at stake."

Is href="">AOP
- a poor man's excuse for writing ugly code? Kirill Grouchnikov
writes " I've been reading quite a handful of materials about AOP and
i have come to this quite disenchanting conclusion: it encourages bad
programming practices that should be avoided at any cost."

RegExGuy has more to say about href="">
System.equals(a,b) in today's href="">
Forums. "After all the discussions about equals here, I
can't remember if this suggestion percolated to the top...I think
there should be a System.equals() that is a symmetric
operation. (Rather than everyone coding a utility class to do this)
It should know about subclasses, and call the subclass' equals(), or
if there is no super/sub class relationship it should return
a.equals(b) && b.equals(a)."

In Projects and
, Getting started with JMX? The href="">JavaPedia
page on Java
Management Extensions
includes links to various pieces of the JMX
API as well as articles and open source projects that take advantage
of JMX.

Want to work with the new Fast Infoset project or the new
implementations of JAX-RPC and JAXB 2.0? There are href="">
Summer intern positions available to work on these projects.

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The need for a more representative sample