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Posted by daniel on January 25, 2005 at 9:08 AM PST

Alternative to JUnit?

The JavaLobby's Matthew Schmidt has written an article on href="">TestNG: Catch the
Testing Fever. TestNG has been getting a lot of attention lately
and Schmidt shows how easy it is to get going and even how to run your
existing JUnit tests. The article ends with instructions on how you
can now use TestNG with JDK 1.4.

It's hard to tell, but it seems that for many the question is no
longer whether to practice (what you understand to be) test driven
development, but what tools to use. For Java the standby has been
JUnit. There are problems with it and many people have provided tweaks
and add on parts to address those limitations. Development on JUnit
itself seems sporadic and slow, but that's the nature of most
volunteer open source efforts. Meanwhile, there seems to be a fair
amount of attention being pad to TestNG. What do you think? Does it
address your needs?

Also in
Also in Java Today
, in the Core Java Tech Tip href="">Resource
Bundle Loading, you are presented with more than one way of
loading resource bundles containing text that can be placed in a
lookup table to support localization. The tip also compares the
performance of a ListResourceBundle approach and a
PropertyResourceBundle technique by measuring load times.

Eduardo invites you to chat with him and the JWSDP team in today's
Weblogs . In href="">JWSDP
1.5 Chat at Java.Net he writes "The lead engineer for the pack and
the lead engineers for the XWS and StAX implementations will be giving
a chat on these topic [today], Jan 25th, 2005, at 9 AM PST/17:00
UTC. Chats are good opportunities to get your answers real time
directly from the developers."

In Projects and
, the Java
User Groups
community is welcoming the href="">Middle Tennessee Java Users
Group, a free, informal, all-volunteer, group of Java/J2EE users
mainly working in and around the Nashville area and using the
Java/WebSphere technology.

The Java Web Services
Developer Pack (Java WSDP) 1.5
is a free integrated toolkit for
building testing and deploying XML applications, Web services, and Web
applications. href="">Talk to the WSDP
engineering team January 25, 9 am PST/17:00 UTC.

Should Java support tuples? In today's href=""> Forums
MarkF writes "It sounds almost like you want tuples of primitives. I
think that, properly implemented, tuples provide exactly what you're
talking about. [see full post for code] After using Prolog,
Haskell, and Python, I got pretty attached to tuples and
tuple-notation. It's one of the things that I really miss when I use

"I like the idea of a href="">
before and after construct. I have always wanted something like
this for resource management. However I came to the conclusion that
you also must prevent the object from being passed out of the block
also. [see full post for code] 1. I have some reservations about the
before method. Why not put this in the constructor? 2. Should creating
ba outside of a beforeafterblock be banned?"

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Alternative to JUnit?