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A great IDEA

Posted by daniel on February 9, 2005 at 5:27 AM PST

The best things in life are (now) free

In Also
in Java Today
, the folks at JetBrains have announced the href=""> IntelliJ IDEA Open
Source License . They are offering a " new initiative to the Open
Source community: FREE license keys for our industry leading Java IDE,
IntelliJ IDEA for developers of qualifying Open Source projects." You
need to show that you are legitimate and active once a year to

IDEA continues to be my favorite IDE. It has kept up with Java and
with various programming methodologies and continues to work with me
and many times work ahead of me. I've worried that with NetBeans and
Eclipse being free that IDEA would be pressured out, but they continue
to innovate and developers buy enough copies to keep their development
team busy. If you are working on a legit Open Source project and can
benefit from IDEA, take a look at their offer. I do, however, urge you
if your company can afford it, to pay for your copy so that we
continue to support this product. Cool idea JetBrains. Thanks for
supporting open source.

You don't want to put SQL queries directly in your Java code, because
it's bad style and will be hard to maintain. But your DBA doesn't
want you to run automatically-generated queries with Hibernate (or
equivalent) because that forfeits the ability to create and use
optimized queries. What do you do? Sunil Patil suggests that one
alternative is to look to SQLMaps. In href="">
Object-Relational Mapping with SQLMaps, he shows how SQLMaps lets
you set up queries in an separate XML file, where they can be
hand-optimized to your liking, but remain isolated from your code.

Tim Boudreau shows you how to href="">
How to start writing apps for TiVO in NetBeans, in 5 minutes or
less in today's Weblogs
. " Ever since I moved back to the U.S., friends have been
raving to me about the wonders of TiVO. I've seen it, but I'm not
quite sold yet. But they have a Java API for writing applications to
run on a TiVO. So I just had to download it and figure out how to use
it in NetBeans. This blog is a quick tutorial. I might just have to
get one after all."

Graham Hamilton reports on href="">
JavaOne Review Madness. " The JavaOne call for papers ended last
week. Here are a few thoughts as we work through the review and talk
selection process."

John Reynolds offers href="">
A cautionary LGPL tale. He reports, " Open Source software isn't
'cancer', but you must be cautious to prevent infections."

In Projects and
, the href="">Java Tools community
project SomnifugiJMS
describes itself as Java Messaging Service (JMS) within a single JVM,
useful (among other things) for isolating the AWT event-dispatch
thread so GUI's stay lively instead of blocking on long-running tasks.

The Mac Java
points out the article href="">Using Oracle
JDeveloper 10g on Mac OS X, which shows you how to use the latest
version of the popular IDE, with a tutorial that displays database
info in both a web application and Swing GUI.

YGuy returns with a follow up on his posting on href="">
render speed in today's href=""> Forums. "I
must really say that I am impressed - it seems that a lot of
annoying java2d bugs (some of them have been there since 1.2) have
been fixed! I could identify 4 fixed issues just by playing with our

Chet reminds you "The Call For Papers has ended, but now we need
to select the best talks from the large list of great entries. Help us
determine what you want to see this year
! We've posted a survey here:

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The best things in life are (now) free