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Busy week coming up

Posted by daniel on February 25, 2005 at 3:12 AM PST

Three conferences the same week

Next week the JBoss conference is in Atlanta, EclipseCon is outside
of San Francisco, and TheServerSide is in Las Vegas. If you are
heading to one of those shows next week, feel free to create a page in
the href="">JavaPedia
and post the link in the talkback here. Others can join you and help
with your show coverage.

Brian Leonard points to a tutorial on href="">
Using NetBeans 4.0 to Jumpstart your eBay Development in today's
Weblogs . "Just
recently, eBay released their SDK for Java. In this tutorial, I show
you how to automate you interaction with eBay using NetBeans 4.0."

Joshua Marinacci shares his href="">
Big news. I'm going West. Among other things, he is going to join
the Swing team and writes "I will initially be doing a lot of bug
fixing (yay) so no longer can be content to I just complain. Now I'll
have to pony up and actually fix things. :) I have a lot of
interesting ideas for new projects that I'll be sharing over the
coming months. Many of them will hopefully take the form of new open
source projects like JDIC and JDNC (and maybe even a JSR or two) so I
hope you'll all join me in building some really cool technology."

In Also
in Java Today
, internationalization is the challenging
process of making an application run correctly in any locale, a
process that breaks down into three tasks: handling localized text;
handling date, time, currency, sorting, and so on, in accordance with
local customs; and presenting text in the local language. href="
">Internationalization, Part 1, an excerpt from David Flanagan's
Java Examples
in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition
, addresses the first two of
these three steps.

Chet Haase has written an article on href="">
VolatileBufferedToolkitImage Strategies. He answers the common
developer questions "about which image type or creation method to
use. When exactly should you use VolatileImage? What is BufferedImage
appropriate for? What about the old Toolkit images? And when is
BufferStrategy more appropriate than one of these image types?"

In Projects and
, The JCP is running a story on the href=""> JCP EC
Members from Apache Software, Borland, Nortel Networks, Google,
Jboss Intel, NTT DoCoMo, Samsung, Research in Motion, Intel and Orange

You can now download the href="">NetBeans IDE 4.1
Beta with over 15 new modules for developing J2EE 1.4 applications
including support for developing J2EE EJBs and Web Services.

Sandoz responds on the thread href="">Re:
Binary XML vs Binary Data in XML... in today's href="">Forums. "The Web
services model tends to be more flexible (or loosely-coupled) for
transport, asynchrony, intermediaries and protocol (extensions to SOAP
e.g. reliable messaging and security). In addition i would further add
that the encoding of the information that is transmitted can also be a
choice dependent on how loosely-coupled you want to be. FI represents
an alternative encoding but still allows for loose-coupling and re-use
of all the other Web services concepts (WSDL, XSD, BPEL, XSLT,
Security and Encryption)."

Jimothy clarifies an answer on the thread discussing href="">
Extra information in ClassCastException. In 1.3, it did include
the actual type, but it seems to have disappeared in 1.4. From the
message above, it looks like it returned in 1.5.

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Three conferences the same week