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New Embedded Java Community

Posted by daniel on February 15, 2005 at 9:09 AM PST

Incubate your embedded projects

You can fit Java in smaller and smaller places. I love this picture from the JDOS project in the new
href="">Embedded Java
Community's incubator. The device is smaller than a dollar bill and look at what is on it.

Join the new community or just stop by. Developers of all types
are invited to get involved with the Embedded Java community's
activities. Since the community is so new, the co-leaders explain,
"most of our projects with be starting out in the Incubator," and
while they work on their policies for incubator project graduation,
they suggest developers check out the href="">EmbeddedJava
Incubator to see what's cooking.

Also in Projects and
, Daniel Brookshier reports that "the href="">Global Education and
Learning Community welcomes href="">more
great projects. This time we have big integer software, a digital
logic simulator, and a problem-based learning simulator."

In today's Weblogs ,
Chet Haase reminds you that you can href="">
Chat with Chet and Scott saying, " Scott Violet (Swing architect)
and I will be hosting an online chat this Tuesday (February 15th) on
performance; drop in and send us some questions!"

Joerg Plewe looks at href="">
db4o - persistence made easy providing a short review. And James
Gosling says Thank
you developers
listing the awards Sun recently won in the 2005 product of the year awards.

In Also
in Java Today
, although J2SE 5.0 enables the use of covariant
return types, this Core Java Tech Tip shows why you can not similarly
use href="">Covariant
Parameter Types. The example attempts to meet the potential
requirements of overriding parameter types using Generics. The example
was provided by Sun Engineer Peter von der Ahe, and is based on
a suggestion he received from computational theologist Gilad Bracha.

Building a user friendly wizard is not as easy as it may
seem. Robert Eckstein explains some of the callenges along with sample
code in href="">
Creating Wizard Dialogs with Java Swing. For example, he
recommends you "give each panel an Object identifier, such as a
string. Then, when we need to move forward or backward, we can ask the
current panel for the identifier of the next panel or the previous
panel that it should traverse to. Note that the next and previous
panel identifiers returned by the current panel are not guaranteed to
remain constant, and may change based on context and user input."

Bino George responds to a question of whether or not there is a href="">
"CurrentVersion" bug in today's href="">Forums . " What
it means is that if 1.5 is installed and then you install 1.4.2, the
CurrentVersion will stay at 1.5. It always reflects the latest version
of the JRE."

Sandoz writes about href="">
Encoding for FI: "The next stage is to go to Last-Call in the
ITU-T after which, when comments have been resolved (if my
understanding is correct) we can pre-publish on the ITU-T site. This
will be available for free download. We are also investigating the
possibility of publishing as HTML (usually it is a PDF document)."

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Incubate your embedded projects