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Old habits

Posted by daniel on February 4, 2005 at 4:54 AM PST

Keyboard shortcuts lead to lock-in

Once you get used to keyboard shortcuts, it can feel awkward to
switch. In href="">IDE
lockdown - give my Java back, Kirill Grouchnikov compares the
keyboard combinations he uses most in today's href=""> Weblogs . He suggests "
Maybe we need a JSR for the key bindings. I won't even go into
creating my own keymaps or choosing one of the predefined keymaps that
simulate the rival IDEs. If they are there, why won't you just stick
with them? The people will not choose the IDE because of the keymaps,
they will only be more than happy to know that they can revert to your
IDE without the need to learn new keymap set."

Tim Boudreau blogs about his cross country trip in href="">NetBeans
on the Road. He makes an interesting, and to me surprising point,
about developers not working on J2ME apps because of the
complexity. As he tells it, he asked an audience of around one hundred
people " 'How many of you have ever developed a J2ME app?' Three
people raised their hands. 'Okay, how many of you would try it if it
were really easy?' Everybody raised their hands." He says that the
NetBeans Mobility Pack makes developing J2ME apps easy.

In Also
in Java Today
, we feature Oliver Steele's article on href=""> The IDE Divide
as it sparked Kirill Grouchnikov's response, Steele begins his essay
with "The developer world is divided into two camps. Language mavens
wax rhapsodic about the power of higher-level programming —
first-class functions, staged programming, AOP, MOPs, and
reflection. Tool mavens are skilled at the use of integrated build and
debug tools, integrated documentation, code completion, refactoring,
and code comprehension."

In href="">QuickTime
for Java Components, an excerpt from Chris Adamson's book href="">QuickTime for
Java: A Developer's Notebook, you'll learn about QuickTime's
remarkably flexible system of "components", sharable code fragments
that can be discovered at runtime and which provide much of the
framework's power. Focusing on import and export components, it shows
how different graphic and audio/video formats can be read and written
from Java, and how you can discover new components installed long
after your application's release (such as by an update to QuickTime or
third-party extensions installed by the user).

In Projects and
, what is the best way to href="">Test
Web Applications? The href="">JavaPedia
page lists ten open source and one commercial product including
Canoo, Cactus, and HttpUnit. Add your favorites to the list along
with your comments.

The Java BluePrints Team has updated the href="">Java
BluePrints website. This release enables the online viewing of
design details for each solution entry alongwith the design
topics. After browsing some of the online topics covered, you can
download the href="">bpcatalog

Kelly O'Hair provides two answers in today's href="">
Forums. First, with respect to href="">
Debugging JNI exception failures he writes "There is a
-verbose:jni but I'm not sure how worthwhile it is. The JVM TI
interface allows you to do full JNI interception, and I've wanted to
try that, but have not been able to find the time. It might make a
good JVM TI demo, and also provide some help with JNI issues. The
native tools (debuggers or truss or strace) could then be used to
watch/trace your JNI interceptions."

He also answers a question on href="">
Building J2SE. "Try setting DEPLOY= (empty) and you probably want
to do a BUILD_INSTALL=false. e.g.

cd control/make; gnumake
The deploy area is the one that has
the plugin.Or you might be able to just 'mv deploy deploy-', but I
haven't tried that."

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Keyboard shortcuts lead to lock-in