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Upgrade scheduled today

Posted by daniel on February 2, 2005 at 8:55 AM PST

Scheduled downtime for projects side.

As reported in Projects
and Communities
, The project area will be upgraded on
Wednesday, Feb. 2 between the hours of 5:00 AM and 11:55 PM Pacific
Standard Time. The project space and associated tools (such as mailing
lists and CVS) will not be available or accessible during this period.

Scientists at Cern are building a case study application to
leverage JXTA discovery services and other facilities, in the
context of href="">distributed Data
Acquisition Systems being built for High Energy Physics

In Also
in Java Today
, Brian McCallister has posted a quick href="">Java
puzzle in his blog. We offer it today as something fun to consider
while the site is down. Commit to an answer before running the code to
see what happens.

A.class is not A.class, when each is loaded by a different class
loader. That's only the beginning of the trickiness unveiled by
Binildas Christudas in his article href="">Internals
of Java Class Loading, in which he shows how multiple class
loaders relate to one another, the consequences (and yet necessity) of
loading classes from multiple class loaders, and why you might even
want to write your own. He says, "all Java programmers should know how
the mechanism works and what can be done with it to suit their
needs. This can save time that would otherwise have been spent
debugging ClassNotFoundException, ClassCastException, etc."

Hans Muller takes a look href="">
Inside TiVo's new Java SDK in today's href=""> Weblogs . He begins, " On
Monday TiVo announced a Java SDK for building desktop Java
applications that target their box. If you were looking for an excuse
to buy a TiVo, this may be it. Here's what's inside the SDK."

John Mitchell blogs on the href="">
Software Freedom Law Center which "has been formed to help Free
and Open-Source software developers with those pesky (and to many
developers, mind-bogglingly insane) legalities."

Kohsuke Kawaguchi follows up on Eduardo's blog about the href="">
Technology Preview of JAXB 2.0 writing " As some of you might
have already noticed, we just released a preview of what JAXB 2.0 and
JAX-RPC 2.0 look like. Since my day job is to work on the JAXB RI, let
me introduce some of the interesting things about the JAXB RI in this

More items in href="">the
Mustang wishlist in today's href="">
Forums. Keithkml writes "Yes, HTML support sucks,
compared to modern browsers, and hasn't improved in a while. I think
it would be great if Sun could make a full browser supporting all
common standards. Maybe JDIC is where this will happen, but JDIC
doesn't allow editing HTML in the browser window."

Luggypm writes on href="">GridBagLayout. "How
about some XML mark-up system for GridBagLayout ? Something that lets
you seperate out layout data from code ?"

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Scheduled downtime for projects side.