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From Rails to Trails

Posted by daniel on March 14, 2005 at 9:21 AM PST

Borrowing from one of Ruby's gems

This week's spotlight is the Trails project in the Java Enterprise community. "Trails is a domain driven development framework in the spirit of Ruby on Rails or Naked Objects."

The project homepage says "The trails project aims to make java enterprise application development radically simpler by allowing developers to focus on the domain model and having other portions dynamically generated. We will leverage existing technologies such as Spring, Tapestry, and Hibernate rather than reinventing." Follow the links to get started with Trails.

In Also
in Java Today
, Ben Litchfield writes that "PDFBox (an Open Source project released under the BSD license) is a pure Java library that lets developers read and create PDF documents." In Integrating PDF and Java Technology he demonstrates how to use PDFBox and addresses issues such as making PDF documents available to Lucene for indexing, password protection of a document, and form integration.

The JBoss World conference provided the stage for a number of announcements from the company behind the popular open-source application server. Welcome to a New World: JBoss World 2005 covers the announcements of a new standardized middleware platform combining JBoss and other well-known open-source projects, a new support portal and a JBoss-led open-source repository. The article also covers keynotes from partners HP and Intel, and a round-table of JBoss customers.

Peter Kessler reminds you to tune in (and bring your questions) to Tuesday's Java Live

Chat with some HotSpot Virtual Machine Experts

in today's href=""> Weblogs . He and "Ross Knippel will be chatting with people on March 15, 2005 11:00 A.M. PST (19:00 UTC)."

Chris Campbell let's you know about STR-Crazy: Improving the OpenGL-based Java 2D Pipeline He writes "
A new 'single-threaded' implementation of the OpenGL-based Java 2D pipeline (available now in the latest Mustang snapshot)... Details on our internal J2DBench application (available now under the JRL)... Other things on my plate for Mustang..."

A decade sure goes by quickly. In 10 years of Java - behind the scenes Calvin Austin points to two JDJ articles about the ubiquity of Java.

In Projects and
the Java Tools community has graduated the MagPlot project from the community incubator. MagPlot provides visually-appealing 2D charts, based on the ideas of Edward Tufte, offering both high-speed low-res drawing for real-time display and high-quality rendering for printing, and output as EPS, PS, and BufferedImages.

If you are planning to be at or near SD West this week, join us Thursday night for the BoF. If you are a book, magazine, or online editor come share your experiences. The session is an informal discussion with whomever shows up to discuss writing and publishing about Java related technologies.

There are questions already in the new forum thread on Chat on the Hotspot virtual machine in today's href="">Forums. Elizarov asks "Are there any plans to teach HotSpot to perform some basic reference escape analysis and allocate short-lived objects (ones that live only in the context of the method that is being compiled) on the stack and/or perform some other memory-allocation optimizations?"

Slohmeier posts
"I would like to be able to redefine classes at runtime. I know that it is currently possible to redefine the body of mothods, but I think I can't add / remove methods and fields.The use case I have in mind is RMI-based systems and Java-based systems that run for a long time. These systems currently need to be restarted when new versions of a class become available."

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Borrowing from one of Ruby's gems