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Posted by daniel on March 28, 2005 at 9:29 AM PST

We hold these truths to be self-evident

It is, of course, striking that self-evident truths need be enumerated. What these words might better communicate is the desire to create a society in which these principles are central. When it comes to online communities such as those we are trying to foster here at what truths are self-evident? It turns out that a lot of people have thought about what is needed to create and support successful online communities.

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, Helen Chen, Site Manager, has started a JavaPedia page About Online Communities. She has seeded the page with an impressive list of Papers and Articles, Books, Journals, and Lists, and Organizations, websites, and related online communities. She notes that the list is preliminary and invites you to add your favorite resources. Below the line at the bottom of the page feel free to discuss any related issues.

Andrew Thompson's article, Event Executors, offers a modern reconsideration of the event-listener paradigm and how it's implemented in Java. "Listeners are simple, familiar, flexible, and easy to implement, but they call into code written by other developers, which can cause problems." Using the concurrency utilities of J2SE 5.0, Andrew shows how you can use a multi-threaded approach to improve performance, and isolate misbehaving listeners.

A couple of weeks ago I spent time with Mohamed AbdelAziz and James Todd from the JXTA project.
In today's Weblogs , James asks MyJXTA :: Can You Hear Me Now! He writes " The MyJXTA community so rocks. These lads added a sweet 'voice/jxta' module the other day. This is just the beginning. Tall cans in the air compadres! "

Tim Boudreau points to a Bino George forum post in How to build Swing with NetBeans. " There are now weekly source snapshots of J2SE 6.0 (Mustang) on; but many people want to just try making some change in Swing, not building a whole JDK. In this post, Bino George of the Swing team tells how to build Swing in NetBeans - so all you do to build it is press F11, and all you do to run SwingSet is press F6."

Cowwoc gives the idea that FileReader, FileWriter should be deprecated a -1 in today's Forums. He writes that "the current FileReader/FileWriter constructors have good defaults for most-frequent development. If you actually want to specify the encoding, maybe one should add new methods and constructors but I see no reason to deprecate the old ones..."

kirillcool responds to some complaints in the thread When can we expect JAXB2.0? " Take a look at and you may find some alternatives just around the corner..."

In Projects and
, the Java Web Services Developer Pack sub-community hosts the
HyperJAXB Project which combines "Sun's reference implementation of JAXB with Hibernate, a well-known object/relational mapping tool."

The China Users Group in the JUGs community has released WDM(Web Database Manager) which "is a web-based managment system for relative database.It provides a web application client for database."

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We hold these truths to be self-evident