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Building a Wizard

Posted by daniel on March 31, 2005 at 8:37 AM PST

Improving usability

Michael Jouravlev presents part two of The Wizard Component in our Featured Articles section. He takes you through the development of " a multi-page wizard component, which provides synchronization of View and Model, separates input from output, separates one view from another, disables page caching, and tries its best to control the browser's session history. In short, we developed the component that has as few page interdependencies as possible and as much server state as possible."

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Google suggests and other rich client browsers have forced us to reconsider the user experience that we provide. In Inside JComboBox: adding automatic completion, Thomas Bierhance discusses how to provide the following features: "Catch the user's input and take actions on it,
Select parts of the user's input, Iterate over the combo box' items, [and] Select an item." He provides implementation details and an analysis of performance.

How do you provide the end-to-end security that web services requires rather than just the point-to-point security as provided by SSL. In Securing Web Services and the Java WSDP 1.5 XWS-Security Framework, Qusay Mahmoud presents a high level view of why SSL is not sufficient and introduces the requirements for securing Web Services. He surveys existing standards including WS-Security, XML Signature, Encryption, and Key Management, as well as others and discusses whether or not these standards will work together.

In Projects and
, the Java Tools community's Paint Helper project will provide a tool for prototyping graphics which are going to be changed programatically or simply shown static.

The Portlet community invites you to contact them if you are working on JSR 168 or WSRP and interested in being featured in the Company Spotlight on the community homepage.

There are choices to be made for data binding. Kohsuke Kawaguchi asks Should JAXB Work With Fields or Properties? in today's href=""> Weblogs . He writes, "One of the issues we spent a lot of time on is whether JAXB 2.0 should work with fields or getter/setter method pairs (properties). Today I'd like to go through the issues, so please tell us what you think."

Hans Muller thinks he's found A Desktop Java "Killer Application". He reports "A year ago, at about 150 thousand downloads a week, the Limewire (GNUtella) file sharing application was a pretty respectable killer application. It's been listed on for about 18 months and for most of that time it's been among the top 10 or so. Now it's number two."

Joerg Plewe says there's A new DB benchmark in town. He has "organized a race (very obviously inspired by db4o's Formula1 tutorial) and put the results online in form of the SourceForge project PolePosition."

Sunsett asks what are the plans for Media in Mustang
in today's Forums. "As Java pursues tighter relationship with the desktop there seems to be still a major lacking in the media support. Particularly for video formats and capture devices. [..] Will Mustang help those of us that want to work with media in Java, or are we left to fend for ourselves and rely on JNI to accomplish our tasks?"

JohnBarrill asks about a
semifinal keyword
. "Say I am developing a package for use by a client that contains the class MyClass, and an unmodifiable wrapper for it, UnmodMyClass. I want to allow the client to extend the class, but not to override the set() method, since it may break the base class, MyClass."

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