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Help Shape J2SE 6.0

Posted by daniel on March 4, 2005 at 1:36 PM PST

Call for applications for the Mustang EG

Mark Reinhold posts href="">
Mustang: Experts Wanted in today's href=""> Weblogs . It could be a
cool opportunity to help shape the Mustang release. As Mark writes, "
The expert group already has some initial members; we'll be accepting
additional applications through Monday, 14 March. We won't be able to
accept every application, of course, since we'll need to strike a
balance between having broad representation from the community and
having a manageable group that can make decisions in real time. If
you'd like to help guide the future direction of the platform, please
consider applying to join."

Ed Burns is in Las Vegas at TheServerSide Symposium. In href="">
TSSJS he reports on Mark Hapner's keynote saying that "Mark
started out listing some things that companies own, vs. what
communities own. Companies own OS's, some protocols (AIM), but they
don't own the wire. Communities own massively distributed services,
such as email, content, and also protocols. Interestingly, he asserts
that Java is owned by the community. The crowd grumbled a bit at this
assertion. These two points of ownership were listed as a means to
support the assertion that developers want to own the whole stack:
protocol, framework, applications."

James Gosling reports in from href=""> TechDays in Mexico
City. Tom Marrs checks in with his coverage of href="">
JBossWorld Conference - Day 3.

In Also
in Java Today
, in href="">
Internationalization, Part 2, an excerpt from "Java Examples in a
Nutshell, 3rd Edition", David Flanagan takes on the challenge of
producing appropriate localized text in a Java application. This
means retrieving appropriate Strings for a language / country /
variant combination, and for appropriately formatting user-readable
text, since a dynamically-generated message may need to change the
order of its items to suit the syntax of the local language.

Hacknot published an article on href="">Wikiphilia
"A mental illness characterized by the irrational conviction that any
problem faced by a group can be rendered solvable through installation
and use of a Wiki." Although there are pieces of truth in this
article, there are many good uses of a wiki. For example, one of
yesterday's featured projects on included a very nice use of
a wiki. The href="">Genesis
project roadmap is maintained on a wiki.

In Projects and
, Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart has written about href="">Moore's
Law and Binary XML providing reasons that we can not just wait for
technology to catch up and make binary XML unnecessary.

Project href="">
Jatse, "owned by Eric Brown-Munoz is an open source (LGPL) set of
tools for teaching, learning and playing with algebra [..] to provide
a broad range of symbolic algebra functionality that is missing in the
open source community."

Peter Kessler talks about href="">
JVM Design in today's href="">Forums. "We do
have some slide sets we made up as documentation, training materials
for various groups, etc. Mostly what we have is the code, and the
history of the code, and the various experiments (some wins, some
losses) that either did or did not make it into the product."

Denismo tries to href="">
Solve the mixing of lightweight/heavyweight components . Restating
what other people pointed to: this feature is to enable heavyweight
components, not just AWT, to be embedded into Swing. Which means many
other native third-party widgets or ActiveX components.

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Call for applications for the Mustang EG